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Brrr - it's turning to autumn, says your wife, still in bloody July 19 Oxbridge 5 years
Feminist Shooting Range Running Out of Targets 1 Freudenshite 5 years
England’s Women Football Team go back to being just Women rather than England 12 Titus 5 years
"Science Not For Girls" - Eminent Scientist Self-Destructs Career 1 S-Bahn 5 years
Lurpak on offer at Asda, says your wife's mother at six in the frigging morning 11 Oxbridge 5 years
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No Trousers Day 1 ionb 6 years
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‘You CAN have it all,’ says plucky ‘White Widow’ Samantha 1 Oxbridge 7 years
Young playboys unable to sleep due to overheating water beds 1 easymoney 7 years
Abortion Clinic Fails Equality Targets 5 Psycadelic Squirrel 7 years
Michael Douglas ruins sex for women 3 Midfield Diamond 7 years
Pentagon to end ban on women in front-line combat, new day, new tactics 3 dvo4fun 7 years
Lurpak on offer in Asda, says your wife's mother at 6 in the frigging morning 6 dvo4fun 7 years
Insane couple still expect to be happy after 11 years 2 medici2471 8 years
It's only a rubbish novel, everyone is reminded 5 Oxbridge 8 years
Book – “Fifty Shades of Total Utter Mindless Tripe” breaks records sales. 1 cuckoowatoo 8 years
72 virgins starting to nag and have needs 2 JonnyJP 8 years
Shock as woman listens to Sunday Love Songs without ulterior motive 1 Oxbridge 8 years
MAN SLAMMED FOR NAMING SHOE SHOP - "BAD MOOD" 1 delightfullyodd 8 years
Deluded couple somehow expect to still be happy after 11 bloody years 8 Golgo13 9 years
MyWife joins MyMatesGirlfriend to offer modern nagging solutions 4 JohnA 9 years
Women's tennis: Correlation found between skirt length and popularity 1 Christopher Frost 9 years
Women of the World Unite! 27 Ironduke 9 years
New pay study shows women now 88% as good as men 6 Zadok the second 9 years
Last non-orange-skinned woman in Hereford dies unmourned 1 Oxbridge 9 years
Shock as woman listens to 'Sunday Love Songs' without ulterior motive 3 Basil_B 10 years