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Volcano Lands a Three-Picture Deal… Grimsvotn Signed To Erupt with Laughter 2 Nick McCarr 7 years
Volcano disruption to news broadcasts expected to be much lower this time round 2 jp1885 7 years
apologies - sub pulled 1 Gary Stanton 7 years
Risk of major ash-related catastrophe ‘not that likely’, say airline chiefs 4 Gary Stanton 8 years
Brighton still under cloud of smugness three days after Green election win. 6 Oxbridge 8 years
Health and Safety Executive: Volcano chaos due to incorrect fire extinguisher. 1 MightyBlair 8 years
Civil Aviation Authority insist all aircraft use ‘safety canary’ 4 Ludicity 8 years
Volcanic cloud decimates Ryanair main revenue of baggage and sandwich profits 1 BigBish 8 years
Riots erupt after stranded given Volvic 4 The All New Jeni B 8 years
Liverpool ride out their luck to reach Madrid 1 TerribleTim 8 years
British military armada heads for Spain in pretend mercy mission 2 Ostsee 8 years
Illegal immigrants giving out travel advice to stranded Britons 3 brownpaperreporter 8 years
Gordon Brown announces free cruises for work-shy layabouts 1 8 years
Clouds rumble over Volcanic glory 1 MightyBlair 8 years