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Foul mouth racist immigrant swears in front of the Queen 2 Wallace Runnymede 3 years
New Pope’s humility ‘getting on everyone’s tits’ admit cardinals 23 Skylarking 5 years
Pope on a Rope to make global Christmas comeback 1 BewsNiscuit 5 years
New Pope fined after white smoke violates the EU’s anti-pollution laws 1 Gary Gonads 5 years
White smoke an indication of Vatican Pole smoking 1 Gary Gonads 5 years
New Argentinean Pope to Benedict XVI; “Hitler sends his regards” 1 Gary Gonads 5 years
Vatican under 10s Rugby League team gets 17 new locks – on their bedroom doors 1 Gary Gonads 5 years
TV Review: Papal Apprentice 1 GreyWolf 5 years
Black smoke billowing from Vatican actually coming from Benedict's 'bong room' 1 Scoby Watson 5 years
Abu Qatada In Shock Bid To Become New Pope 1 Flash! Aa-aaaa! 5 years
Kiddy Fiddlers Anonymous meeting moved to Vatican City 1 Scoby Watson 5 years
Incense at Vatican over sighting of new chimney 2 Tripod 5 years
God to Oprah: IT WAS ME 1 Mr McDonald 5 years
Mayan 2012 apocalypse prediction: Vatican steadies nerves 1 Miss Hegas 6 years
Pontiff remains tight-lipped about 'papal prophylactics' 1 6 years
Vatican launches Home Exorcism Kit 15 kimllfixit 6 years
Vatican hit back at Ireland; "They'll buy their porn elsewhere" 1 apepper 7 years
Outrage over people having control 6 Mr Target 7 years
Trubiscuit 2 saltire 7 years
Vatican Bank 'investigated over money-laundering' 2 Hunter F. Thompson 8 years
Pope forgot to cancel subscription to Hitler Youth in 1945 3 wolfie 8 years
Vatican announces zero-tolerance approach to paedophilia publicity 1 Genghis Cohen 8 years
Shock as religious groups condemn scientific advances. Again. 1 newtoid 8 years
Catholic church to combat 'sexual predator' choirboys with burqas 4 SimonRiley 8 years
Jesus ‘rising from the dead’ an April fool by St. Peter, Vatican papers show 1 Alban 8 years
Catholic priests to be fitted with paedophile ‘Panic Button’ 4 edward hack 8 years