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HSE finds two-horse closed sleighs 'sufficiently festive' 1 Username 8 years
Archaeologists dismiss Shroud of Tourettes as 'another bloody hoax' 11 Major Clanger 8 years
Dawkins boson found by CERN known as the 'probably no God' particle 3 writinginbsl 8 years
"Halfwitz is our national tragedy" admits Tory MP 1 Username 8 years
Depressed mathematician proves Möbius strip has no funny side. 1 Username 8 years
'Too soon to rule out modelling as next career' reveals top cop Hogan-Howes 1 Username 8 years
Little Mix thrown back as 'undersize' under European 'good taste' guidelines 1 Username 8 years
Aquarium worker's discovery of hangover cure a "lucky bonus" 1 Username 8 years
National Stalking Clinic's every move being watched 5 John Ffitch-Rucker 8 years
Ethnic fashionistas wrapping up warm this winter, as burqins hit the high street 1 Username 8 years
"Windows 7 critical updates slowly eroded my self-esteem" - Former Microsoft CEO 1 Username 8 years
Left-handed men now 'even more frustrated' by new xxx domains 1 Username 8 years
Fingers still the cheapest meal 1 Username 8 years
Smokers "spoil" Clarkson's bicycle tour of Chinese vegetarian eco-sanctuaries 2 malgor 8 years
Clarkson apologises - "I have no problem with striking public servants" 3 kga6 8 years
Fool on the Hill given honorary doctorate for services to music 1 Username 8 years
Pharmaceutical shares go 'crazy' as Dyson tackles 'Windmills of the Mind' 1 Username 8 years
Bladder control "no longer hip" claims ad for Apple / Twitter app I-Peed 1 Username 8 years
Tomorrow's phonecalls "already hacked" admits News of the Next World. 5 Username 8 years