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Immigrants "clearly to blame" for Kent earthquake 3 edsmeg 4 days
Scottish National Party to launch takeover of UKIP 2 doctowhodini 2 weeks
Britons elated as Ukip revealed to be elaborate hoax all along 5 DorsetBoy 3 weeks
'Skips not UKIP' Donation Blunder for Express Chief 1 S-Bahn 1 month
UKIP Members to be given English as a Foreign Language lessons 1 alexkelleruk 1 month
'Peppa Pig EU propaganda' Farrage opens truth flaps again 7 Skylarking 1 month
UKIP in surprise tax pledge 1 bobski 1 month
UKIP vows to repeal Child Labour laws 6 bobski 2 months
UKIP deny being at 'sixes and sevens' on immigration, say "That's far too many&q 1 johnnydobbo 2 months
Emwazi "seemed all right to me" - man in street 5 Loundshay 2 months
UKIP fears over end to renewable energy justified 1 bobski 2 months
UKIP will ban Premier League after next election 4 dicklannister 3 months
UKIP flagship policy would benefit immigrants most, say experts. 1 Grover 3 months
Homeopathic medicine 'has no homophobic side effects' 1 Oxbridge 5 months
Racist and homophobic UKIP members leave party. No-one left: report 1 johnnydobbo 5 months
UKIP blames "weather bomb" on redheads 2 Titus 5 months
David Cameron Authorises the Bombing of UKIP 1 Laird Argos 7 months
“We just prefer the colour purple” say defecting Tory MPs. 1 7 months
“Born in the wrong body”: Farage switches to the left 5 Squudge 9 months
Government restoring Eastbourne Pier to conserve south coast mediocrity 1 marymole 9 months
UKIP and Judean People's Front to for coalition against EU 2 riesler 11 months
Being British to be classed as a disability 1 ionb 11 months
Britain to leave the EU says Cameron 1 ionb 11 months
UKIP appoints BBC as media advisor and publicity agents 1 2escapees 12 months
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the polling booth 22 Squudge 1 year
A Dog's View of the European and Local Council Elections 1 bpperry 1 year
Multiple small right-wing parties ‘could split fruitcake vote’ 7 Wrenfoe 1 year
UKIP to Build New Headquarters with Bricks Sent in Post 8 ick-head 1 year
Farage strikes unusual note during last night's UKIP 'anti-racism' photo op 2 Kevin the Swan 1 year
Farce as Farage anti-racist 'Charm Offensive' proves just 'offensive' 6 pinxit 1 year