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Big country indicative of small penis says David Cameron - 2 48 blacklesbianandproudofit 1 year
Despots stunned as UK electorate votes to get rid of human rights 10 johnnydobbo 3 years
Inspired By The Nigerian President, David Cameron To Be Rebranded: “Tough Luck Dave” 1 One Man And His Laptop 3 years
NHS to buy all drugs “from a guy called Phil” 3 Iroquois Pliskin 3 years
No-one speaks English at Frankfurt's Traditional Birmingham Christmas Market 2 Ted King 3 years
Illegal Immigrants Trying To Return Home Sent Back To UK 4 wwwiz 3 years
Monster Raving Loony Party loses Nick Griffin as leader 1 Schoolboy 3 years
A day after opening it, the Queen closes parliament 3 laurencescott 3 years
Shift in media coverage from UK rain to Ukraine blamed on E additives 1 The Last Detail 4 years
BMW added to list of spy agencies 1 ionb 4 years
Mavis and Gladys to have say on snooping laws 1 hardev 4 years
Labour Join Tories In ‘Giving Up’ On Slothful, Claim Bums Nationwide 1 Bart Verhoeven 4 years
China in chaos as UK economy soars 1 johnnydobbo 5 years
Santa to Boycott UK Shock 2 Squudge 5 years
US Olympians Defecting For Better Life 1 HIGNFY 5 years
Michael Richmond-Coutts, Laird of Kunthaire: An Obituary 7 Yikes 5 years
UK to offer Argentina Falklands deal 1 yens123 6 years
UK Currency To Become Worthless Once Prince Charles’ Face Is On It 4 dvo4fun 6 years
Thatched Funeral on the BBC 3 Kazytc 7 years
Pervert Pensioner gets the boot 1 Kazytc 7 years
Obarmy gets a Colorado Kiss whilst others diss 3 Kazytc 7 years
Hedonistic Ed Miliband on Ego Support in Hospital 1 Kazytc 7 years
Cameron thrown out of special relationship for 'Don't ask don't tell' breach 1 Jay2theKay 7 years
Coalition already hunting for term to replace 'Broken Britain' once it's fixed 1 dicky37 7 years
Bristol teacher aims to be first person to successfully climb 'UK debt mountain' 1 dicky37 7 years
David Cameron accepts Queen's invitation to join her on Farmville 1 Adam Ice Rink 8 years