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Green Party urge Britons to vote Labour to ensure Katie Hopkins leaves country 12 Adrian Bamforth 2 days
UK army launches first tweet: "Russia out of Ukraine!" 1 steve_l 1 month
Fears grow for Stephen Fry after BNP fundraiser no-show 1 LD 4 months
Harry Redknapp 'doesn't understand writing' 3 Al OPecia 5 months
UK 'Revenge Porn' Threat if Scotland walks 7 AReader 6 months
Teens baffled over Robin Williams gender confusion 1 Lang 7 months
New Unit for Twitter Outrage Ratified 1 james_doc 1 year
Yeezus One Step Closer To Becoming Jesus 1 hihathawkins 1 year
Steve Austin receives threats as his image is used on 6 Billion Dollar Note 5 virtuallywill 1 year
Twitters mourn musician they didn't know after credible tweeters express sadness 23 andrewl81 1 year
Lord McAlpine To Scan Your Brain For Paedo Suspicions 4 Tripod 2 years
Vatican City Launches 'Papel', Online Redemption Service. 1 TheModerator 2 years
Lord Vader to sue twitter users over “false accusations” 1 bilstonjay 2 years
Daily Mail Jibe Sees Fry Set To Quit Twitter Yet Again 1 Duff 2 years
George Galloway Tweets, "Shattered but happy after by-election victory in Burma" 1 HenroPlod 3 years
Robbie Savage paired with sheep on Strictly Come Dancing. 1 rebel not taken 3 years
e.e.cummings grandson banned from internet writer's forum. 2 Oxbridge 3 years
Toffee nosed QPR chew over Scouse Toffees. 1 rebel not taken 3 years
Stephen Fry Contemplates Quitting Twitter Again Over Daily Mail Jibe 1 Duff 3 years
Nietzsche earns respect of Joey Barton. 4 ronseal 3 years
Rio Ferdinand to address the nation on Twitter. 1 rebel not taken 3 years
Paphitis & Meaden trump Bannatyne's £50,000 offer on arm-breaking contract 6 Qoxiivi 3 years
Twitter policy provokes feminist hysteria 1 Christopher Frost 3 years
Angry Birds Twitter account suspended due to fowl language Tweets 1 flyerblade 4 years
D.M forced from front bench by Twitter… 1 mshumphreycushion 4 years
Tech-savvy bumpkins embrace Twitter for their bizarre ramblings 7 Sinnick 4 years
British TV Comedic output at an all time low, Twitter-abuse blamed. 1 gaijintendo 4 years
David Cameron would like to be your friend, benifit scroungers. 1 dacology 4 years
Tory Manifesto Shortened to be Tweetable 1 thisisall1word 4 years