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'The News Innit' - BBC Announcers To Deliver News Like East London Street Urchin 2 FlashArry 2 years
Fictional Gay Character Is Gay - Mr Humphries Finally Released From Closet 1 S-Bahn 2 years
Minor Celebrity Makes Decision Without Aid of Documentary Series 1 S-Bahn 2 years
Amount of good telly "constant and unchanging", say experts 1 YaBasta 2 years
Outrageous British TV Scandal: Channel 5 Doesn’t Plumb New Depths 4 Wallace Runnymede 2 years
Magic Trick Not Actually Magic - Britian's Got Talent Accidentally Cons Dullards 1 S-Bahn 3 years
Man Avoids Game of Thrones Spoilers by Masquerading as PM 1 S-Bahn 3 years
New X-Files Series To Focus On Illegal Aliens 2 PaulHorrox2 3 years
New X-Files Series Won't Forget The Bloody Aliens This Time 1 One Man And His Laptop 3 years
Tinky Winky latest arrest in Savillegate 1 Billfran 3 years
Tinky Winky latest arrest in Savillegate 1 Billfran 3 years
Bear Grylls accused of glamorising starvation 4 ick-head 4 years
Kyle sensation as woman claims she once had full set of straight teeth 1 GingerClive 4 years
TV’s Handy Andy now just plain Andy 6 beau-jolly 4 years
Syrian top brass take break from war crimes to watch Hayley Cropper snuff it 1 Mike Peters 4 years
Concern for Gary Barlow's ego grows after no TV appearances for 48 hours 1 Plot126 4 years
Funding Crisis in Welsh Emergency Services 3 clarksn 4 years
Emergency services inundated with calls after broad casting of Birdsong 2 Username 6 years
TV Chat Show Host Replaced By Talking Arse 1 Fray Brentos 6 years
“Go-Go Gadget Lawsuit!” Google vs Microsoft fight over Inspector Gadget patents 1 DavidEllisKent 6 years
Chaos after Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn appear on All Star Mr & Mrs 4 beau-jolly 6 years
Channel 4's 'Balls of Steel' to shelve Gadaffi episode 1 AndyOverhead 7 years
Producers of The Apprentice admit fraud 2 dogwheels 7 years
Guatanamo Bay Watch 4 Ostsee 7 years
TV Celebrity Chef ends Supermarket Endorsement Deal 3 curry muncher 7 years