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Amazon overjoyed to find something it can use in BBC's bins 1 YaBasta 2 years
Men burn boxers in protest at female Top Gear presenter announcement. 2 blacklesbianandproudofit 2 years
Chris Evans makes U-turn over Top Gear 1 Wrexfan 2 years
Top gear calling cobra meeting on new presenter team 3 4ty2 3 years
Top Gear producer Andy Wilman does massive, unsurprisingly well executed, U-turn 6 Iroquois Pliskin 3 years
Count Dracula to Present Top Gear 6 farmer giles 3 years
Ashton Kutcher replaces troubled Top Gear star. 1 MADJEZ 3 years
The Stig to be 'carefully reintroduced to society', BBC confirms. 6 Spartacus 3 years
Pope and Clarkson quit on same day during Top Gear Easter Special 4 Squudge 3 years
Top Gear 2015 Xmas Special to North Korea confirmed. 4 throngsman 3 years
Top Gear sorry for Waterloo station. 3 Iroquois Pliskin 3 years
Clarkson evades Paparazzi in his Porsche "B16 CNT". More soon. 11 AReader 3 years
BBC announces Operation Yewcock to investigate offensive behaviour by Clarkson. 3 MADJEZ 4 years
Easter Top Gear special 'Pope my Ride' 9 GrumpyCat 4 years
BBC executives announce change to BBC2’s top motoring programme “Top Gear” 1 HenryMJUK 6 years
BBC celebrates 75 years of TV by screening first programme, a repeat of Top Gear 1 TerribleTim 6 years
Jeremy Clarkson denounced David Cameron -calls him a sexist public school twat 1 steve_l 7 years
Top Gear presenters diagnosed with Compulsive Rudeness Disorder 2 Jesse Bigg 7 years
Stig Unmasked as 'Embodiment of Nations Middle-aged Men's Hopes and Dreams' 1 thisisall1word 7 years
Defence cuts could see Top Gear cancelled 2 Dun Dunkin 7 years