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Despite pressure from the LGBT Chilcot Inquiry refuses to come out. (EDIT) 1 John Scott 7 months
Blair tells Corbyn: "No Jez, I am your father" 2 Crayon 9 months
Corbyn to appoint Blair "Special Envoy to the Hague" 3 Crayon 9 months
Corbyn plan to nationalise Tony Blair 9 Sir Lupus 9 months
Blair's security detail encouraged to "nip out for a fag once in a while" 4 Lord Voldemort 9 months
Cover design only obstacle to publishing Iraq report, claims Chilcot 21 Al OPecia 9 months
Corbyn "could launch WMDs in 45 minutes", warns Alastair Campbell 4 throngsman 9 months
Tony Blair "Philanthropist of the Year" after donating millions to GQ 1 Gary Baldy 1 year
Easter Top Gear special 'Pope my Ride' 9 GrumpyCat 2 years
Moslems to Train Vatican in Grooming Techniques 6 deceangli 2 years
Wrong spot... 1 medici2471 2 years
George's star sparks new interest in naming astronomical bodies 11 Squudge 2 years
Miaowsflash 6 3 years
withdrawn 1 Squudge 3 years
New Years Dishonours published in Palace prank 3 Squudge 3 years
Tony Blair Announces Plans To Return To Public Life As The Queen 9 The Masked Frog 3 years
"We'll raise fuel duty while you're watching Bolt win 100 metre final" - MP 1 clicktingstampz 4 years
Tony Blair called in to arbitrate on poodle row 1 Clarky 4 years
Tony Blair honoured for pioneering technique of spinning in someone else's grave 1 ronseal 5 years
Bush begins war on terriers 9 be reasonable 5 years
Mubarak accepts new job as Middle East Peace Envoy 7 FormerlyAlOPecia 5 years
Tony Blair to do ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’ speech at Iraq Inquiry 2 nealdoran 5 years
Blair memoir copied and pasted from student's work 5 mr blue 5 years
Pope and Blair to combine state visits 8 Ludicity 5 years
Hans Blix finds 'no evidence' of Iraq Inquiry 3 Oxbridge 5 years
Tony Blair Shoots and Leaves 3 SallyOldcow 5 years
Lord Mandelson launches his own perfume 1 Ludicity 5 years
Tony Blair Launches the Tony Blair Wealth Foundation 1 SallyOldcow 5 years
Ghost of Robin Cook to appear before Iraq Inquiry 9 John Square 6 years