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Davis Cup win takes 'The Joke' to another dimension 1 Oxbridge 5 years
Photo of Terror Suspect Turns Out To Be Actual Terror Suspect 1 S-Bahn 5 years
IKEA Terrorists: After Seven Years, Fanatics of Confusion Set up Shop in Reading 3 Wallace Runnymede 5 years
Transport for London reclassified as terrorist organisation 2 Titus 5 years
Isis hostage killed by own laughter. 1 McEmerson 6 years
Fox News: “Liam Neeson is Answer to Terrorism…Unless he’s converted to Islam ” 1 cyanidebaby 6 years
Charlie Hebdo owner: ‘insulting Islam a commercial masterstroke’ 27 Not Amused 6 years
Terrorism on Western World is Wrong claim Thousands of Protesters 6 Wrenfoe 6 years
Drumbeat of terrorism level raised to '4:4 time' 5 Wrenfoe 6 years
Government Urges Calm Over ISIS E-Cig Threat 4 keulie 6 years
Obama's "Anti-Terrorism Branch" 4 Sinnick 7 years
Ed Miliband pinning conference hopes on Real IRA atrocity 5 Titus 7 years
Scotland's terrorist threat level raised to 'Jings, Crivens, Help Ma Boab' 6 Arthur 7 years
All suspected terrorists to wear high-visibility vests 5 NorthernGravy 7 years
Parent of Boston bomb suspect toddler 'failed to act on warnings' 1 Bravenewmalden 7 years
Dawkins’ self-destructive gene 1 monkeyrepublic 7 years
New Age terrorists develop homeopathic bomb - 2 42 Tristan Shout 8 years
Anonymous officially labelled "a bigger deal than Kony" 10 beau-jolly 8 years
Serious Breach Of Security As Worker Smuggles Can of Pepsi Into Olympic Park 4 tom pride 8 years
Mattel expands into Islamic extremist market with new Barbie blow-up doll 27 Immunis 9 years
Selection process for top al-Qaeda job 'unfair' insist rejected candidates 11 9 years
US Army reveals that Bin Laden was located via Foursquare 1 evilsuperstar 9 years
Suicide Bomber Unable to Resist Creamy Goodness 2 rikkor 10 years
Basque separatists launch offshoot 'ETC' to campaign for ancillary demands 3 Skylarking 10 years
Control Orders to be replaced by making terror suspects wear a little bell 3 Mr.3374 10 years
Terrorist cells advised to upgrade their computer equipment 1 Gary Stanton 10 years
‘Vague inflammatory language’ alert raised from ‘general’ to ‘highly likely.' 2 SingingHinny 10 years
France demands Al Qaeda repeat its terror threat – in French. 1 Gary Stanton 10 years
‘New wave’ of terrorists are heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, experts claim 4 Gary Stanton 10 years
Bomb squad called in to defuse website ticker 1 dicky37 10 years