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Africa Aware it’s Christmas 1 moosealot 4 months
Red Bull Accuse FIA of Being “Big Dumb Stupid Heads” 1 james_doc 1 year
Cold war fears grow as Scotland annexes Isle of Wight 3 Titus 1 year
First Facebook murder claims 'utter bell-end' who went on and on about Syria 7 editor 1 year
Aston Martin Recall Cars Owing to Faulty Ejector Seat 2 Squudge 1 year
Queen to Shop at Aldi 1 james_doc 1 year
Northern Ireland Tourist Board declares inaugural Flag Day a runaway success 14 nickb 1 year
Woman rescued from house after 20 years of 'being taken for granted' 15 blacklesbian 1 year
‘You CAN have it all,’ says plucky ‘White Widow’ Samantha 1 Oxbridge 1 year
Secretary Kerry tells wife he's 'positive' he did dishes last 1 Dustybottoms 1 year
Primark launches new line inspired by what Mrs Dowding wore yesterday 1 Sfox 1 year
Cuadrilla plans to frack Eric Pickles 5 Al OPecia 1 year
UK 'thankful' for drought aid from Ethiopia 7 Jesus H 1 year
'Fussy' dung beetles refusing to eat shit any more 12 Titus 1 year
Sir Tom Jones 'too sexy' to consider organ donation 16 Lindy Moone 1 year
Village in shock as local park 'melts in the dark' 14 Lucy4 1 year
Brokeback Mountain hits the West End, starring Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis 6 Jesus H 1 year
Brokeback Mountain hits the West End, starring Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis 13 Jesus H 1 year
Sir Cliff Richard 'Delighted' after his Wimbledon ban is finally lifted 13 Skylarking 1 year
'Intergalactic recession' forced closure of UFO desk, announce MoD 14 Jesus H 1 year
All suspected terrorists to wear high-visibility vests 5 NorthernGravy 1 year
Lindsay Lohan Back on Tour 2 ginty 1 year
Mormon Defence League holds protest outside Starbucks 3 NorthernGravy 1 year
New Pope’s humility ‘getting on everyone’s tits’ admit cardinals 23 Skylarking 1 year
Man signs e-petition for something, feels much better 12 Username 1 year
Crap Media Studies degree courses facing closure warn under-achieving academics 6 Skylarking 1 year
Victory declared in ‘War on Bees’ 19 Sally1985 1 year
BMW relaxes 'Dickhead Test' for buyers 7 Oxbridge 2 years
Ahmadinejad entrapped by South American cougar 2 2 years