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Enda Kenny Wants Ireland to Replace Scotland 4 Wallace Runnymede 2 weeks
Scotland invited to make its sodding mind up 8 CulchaVulcha 2 months
Labour vow to sell Scotland to reduce benefit 1 virtuallywill 10 months
Pro-Independence Scotts devastated as they vote 'No' to Atlantic Salmon. 1 Much_Ado 10 months
No more dark winter nights for UK if Scotland leaves 13 Squudge 10 months
Salmond Cries Foul As PM Insists All Electoral Bribes To Be Paid In Sterling 2 10 months
English Engineers to Visit Panama 1 wirralmatt 10 months
Wales to get independence 1 ionb 10 months
Scottish smuggling routes set to re-open 1 marymole 10 months
Scotland to burn Alastair Darling in big Wicker Man to solve financial problems 3 Titus 10 months
Salmond says Plan B currency will be 'Scottish Poon' 5 Mr Orca 10 months
UK 'Revenge Porn' Threat if Scotland walks 7 AReader 10 months
3 London Millionaires... 2 AReader 10 months
Scottish referendum called off... 1 ionb 11 months
Murray Left Stateless After US Open Defeat 3 keulie 11 months
"New South Scotland" pushing for independence from New Zealand 1 markofsoton 11 months
Young bushmen embarrassed by 'dad rain dancing' 3 Squudge 11 months
SatNavs To Delete Independent Scotland! 3 Scroat 11 months
"‘terrible, long summer’ if England lose tonigh 1 ionb 1 year
"Extremely difficult" for independent Scotland to join EU Summer Time. 7 robnotyou 1 year
Independent Scotland 'cannot keep UK weasels' 1 monkeyrepublic 1 year
Referendum: Cameron declares that the name “Scotland” will not be Available 1 robertsonal 1 year
Cold war fears grow as Scotland annexes Isle of Wight 3 Titus 1 year
David Cameron expresses concern about Scottish Independence Vote 3 Ironduke 1 year
Scots set to drink to a yes vote. And a no vote. 1 GingerClive 1 year
Cameron compares Scotland to Ukraine and threatens to "do a Putin" 3 Titus 1 year
UK Govt say Scotland can have Pound, England keeps Curling team and Andy Murray 1 virtuallywill 1 year
'Yeah? Well you can't keep the shortbread either then,' says Salmond 1 Oxbridge 1 year
No Trousers Day 1 ionb 1 year
SNP in secret post-independence plan to blame Shetland Islands for Everything. 1 Al OPecia 1 year