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Labour vow to sell Scotland to reduce benefit 1 virtuallywill 4 weeks
Pro-Independence Scotts devastated as they vote 'No' to Atlantic Salmon. 1 Much_Ado 1 month
No more dark winter nights for UK if Scotland leaves 13 Squudge 1 month
Salmond Cries Foul As PM Insists All Electoral Bribes To Be Paid In Sterling 2 Quilter 1 month
English Engineers to Visit Panama 1 wirralmatt 1 month
Wales to get independence 1 ionb 1 month
Scottish smuggling routes set to re-open 1 marymole 1 month
Scotland to burn Alastair Darling in big Wicker Man to solve financial problems 3 Titus 1 month
Salmond says Plan B currency will be 'Scottish Poon' 5 Mr Orca 1 month
UK 'Revenge Porn' Threat if Scotland walks 7 AReader 1 month
3 London Millionaires... 2 AReader 1 month
Scottish referendum called off... 1 ionb 1 month
Murray Left Stateless After US Open Defeat 3 keulie 1 month
"New South Scotland" pushing for independence from New Zealand 1 markofsoton 1 month
Young bushmen embarrassed by 'dad rain dancing' 3 Squudge 2 months
SatNavs To Delete Independent Scotland! 3 Scroat 2 months
"‘terrible, long summer’ if England lose tonigh 1 ionb 4 months
"Extremely difficult" for independent Scotland to join EU Summer Time. 7 robnotyou 6 months
Independent Scotland 'cannot keep UK weasels' 1 monkeyrepublic 6 months
Referendum: Cameron declares that the name “Scotland” will not be Available 1 robertsonal 6 months
Cold war fears grow as Scotland annexes Isle of Wight 3 Titus 7 months
David Cameron expresses concern about Scottish Independence Vote 3 Ironduke 7 months
Scots set to drink to a yes vote. And a no vote. 1 GingerClive 7 months
Cameron compares Scotland to Ukraine and threatens to "do a Putin" 3 Titus 7 months
UK Govt say Scotland can have Pound, England keeps Curling team and Andy Murray 1 virtuallywill 8 months
'Yeah? Well you can't keep the shortbread either then,' says Salmond 1 Oxbridge 8 months
No Trousers Day 1 ionb 9 months
SNP in secret post-independence plan to blame Shetland Islands for Everything. 1 Al OPecia 10 months
Salmond Admits 'We Don't Really Want Independence - We Want To Keep British £'. 16 Titus 10 months
Scotland to become latest member of “Axis of Evil” if Salmond gets his way 4 The All New Jeni B 12 months