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London borough seeking secession from United Kingdom 1 slapespeare 5 years
Book – “Fifty Shades of Total Utter Mindless Tripe” breaks records sales. 1 cuckoowatoo 5 years
Scientific First at Leveson Inquiry 1 Icias 6 years
Topical satirists struggle to find anything in the news this weekend. 1 woodymellor 6 years
new satirical blog for higher education 1 JDeS 6 years
The Truth Hurts: No Briton has as much talent as a dancing dog. 1 RickH 6 years
Illegal downloads of Electricity draining the grid warn experts. 1 thefu9999 6 years
I.Q. of Intelligent Design’s Creator Pegged at 78 2 Al OPecia 6 years
U.S. Republican nominees to forego debates, cage-fight for candidacy 1 hannsmit 6 years
MAN SLAMMED FOR NAMING SHOE SHOP - "BAD MOOD" 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
Antiques Roadshow to now include games consoles and mobile phones. 4 Couriernew 6 years
PUDDLE IN ROAD CAUSES ALARM. 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
Elton John to perform at Kim of Hearts Funeral. 3 delightfullyodd 6 years
M&S Adverts To Be Banned. 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
U.K Government To Privatise The Country's Oxygen 3 mattupchuck 6 years
Gaddafi to release Album. 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
Ethiopia Vote for Ban on celebrities and camera crews 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
FAKE THAT - X-Factor Judge is not the real Gary Barlow. 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
Cameron - "I love the Fantastic Mr. Fox." 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
PETER ANDRE TO HOST MASTERMIND. 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
F.A to give all players Bromide before each game. 1 delightfullyodd 6 years
Corrie actress failed to suffer enough in real life fire incident 2 Des Custard 6 years
Home Office thanks Friends Reunited for 'shutting down' 1 Bravenewmalden 6 years
Green group attempts to block out the sun (working title) 1 snorkyadams 6 years
Green Group Calls on American's to Boycott the Sun 1 snorkyadams 6 years
England netball fans worried about excessive focus on 'HABs' 3 Ironduke 7 years
Kate McCann talks to MPs about problems of parent guilt following child neglect. 1 Dickens or Shakespeare 7 years
Sarah Palin replaces Bristol with Lady Gaga 1 mbalton 7 years
US Army reveals that Bin Laden was located via Foursquare 1 evilsuperstar 7 years
NewsBiscuit writer makes over obvious contribution 1 glass90 7 years