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Putin Backs Corbynski! 3 Nick John Whittle 8 months
Putin emerges after nine days, says "I'd give that five minutes if I were you" 1 Andy Gilder 1 year
Europe denied 5 bonus armies by Russia 4 Midfield Diamond 1 year
Russia to have Ukraine at bank holidays and weekends 9 Arjan K 1 year
UK army launches first tweet: "Russia out of Ukraine!" 1 steve_l 1 year
Ukraine Truce Latest: Putin Cannot Believe He'll Fall For It This Time 1 SimonJJames 1 year
UK Sanctions Against Russia To Include 'Downton Abbey' Rationing 1 SimonJJames 1 year
Russia demands de-escalation as Gove-May war enters new phase 1 johnnydobbo 1 year
Putin announces Russian Premier-League expansion plans for Ukraine 1 ick-head 2 years
Russia to annex Stamford Bridge 1 Last Hussar 2 years
'Why not freeze Chelsea's assets while you're on? asks everyone 2 Wrenfoe 2 years
Britain Already Annexed, Russia Warned 1 londonLaurie 2 years
David Cameron expresses concern about Scottish Independence Vote 3 Ironduke 2 years
MOD 'planning massive exercise' north of Hadrian's Wall 30 Titus 2 years
Swiss Accidentally invade Ukraine 1 ionb 2 years
Illuminati estate agents gloat as Crimea crisis deepens 7 Squudge 2 years
Next country to be invaded by Russia during an Olympics to be named 7 Sinnick 2 years
UK plant hire company U-Crane in dispute about alleged Russians picketing HQ. 1 virtuallywill 2 years
Ukrainians reveal steppe by steppe plan to reclaim country from Russia... 1 The Last Detail 2 years
Rouble in double trouble, situation soluble 1 virtuallywill 2 years
2022 Winter Olympics Awarded to Wonsan, N. Korea 2 Squudge 2 years
'I Know Some Gay People' Reveals Putin Amidst Vicious Homophobic Slurs 1 Rowan van den Berg 2 years
Putin arrested for grinding Homosexual's in Moscow nightclub 3 bunter 2 years
Big country indicative of small penis says David Cameron 16 Ian Collier 2 years
Russia to Ban Anything F***able to Defend Traditional Marriage 1 George_BKZ 2 years
Russia to Ban Anything F***able to Defend Traditional Marriage 3 George_BKZ 2 years
Gerard Depardieu to remake Green Card 2 rickwestwell 3 years
New Skyscraper Causes "Architecture Race" in Industrial Europe 3 beau-jolly 3 years
Putin: election protesters will be disappeared 1 steve_l 4 years
Russian Mars Probe "Could Be Anywhere". 2 mattupchuck 4 years