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Poor turn out at messiahs leaving do 1 John Scott 4 years
Poor turn out for messiahs leaving do. 3 John Scott 4 years
End of the World 1 ionb 4 years
Megachurch Enterpreneur Launches Hostile Takeover of Vatican 2 Wallace Runnymede 5 years
Research suggests parasite may be responsible for religious belief 3 Nomad 5 years
New Jerusalem violence likely as hopscotch clashes with tiddlywinks 4 Iroquois Pliskin 5 years
Buddha gets "lifetime achievement" in home accessory awards 4 TheSpectacle 6 years
Do not miss the "All About Gods Show" 2 Al OPecia 6 years
Controversy Over Made-Up Ship 1 JudgementDave 6 years
Rogue churchman to delete Q'ran pdf files 1 insiderphil 6 years
Ginger people do have souls, God's explains, but only so they may be damned... 1 TobiasBV 7 years
Hyundai oil “A message from God.” 7 brianflan 7 years
Don't Believe In God Channel 3 Al OPecia 7 years
Women ‘not man enough’ to be church leaders 12 sigmund 7 years
Anglican hardliners prepare to bash the bishop vote 1 ginty 7 years
Queen Attends All Star Production of Revelations to Mark Diamond Jubilee 1 scottishbird 8 years
Church of England delays vote on whether or not it is indecisive 1 harristhenerd 8 years
Search now on for those who prayed for Muamba’s collapse in the first place 27 Qoxiivi 8 years
London 2012: Assisted Suicide law suspension bid for Olympics 2 weematt 8 years
Outcry as Hare Krishna’s perform setlist of all-new material at Oxford St show 12 Skylarking 8 years
Bishops; "God should consider his position" 1 apepper 8 years
Buddhist monk to become Britain’s new “top cop” 1 DavidW 9 years
Homeowners given green light to stab Jehovah's Witnesses 2 rikkor 9 years
General Synod to accept 'Life of Brian' version as most accurate 2 Screenie 9 years
Pope denied planning permission for Kingdom of God 4 FormerlyAlOPecia 9 years
Elderly Man Injected with Spawn of Satan 2 Griffin 9 years
Rugby Referees to Officiate Weddings 1 Fishmilk 9 years
Mouse in loaf probably now in mouse heaven , experts agree 1 Gary Stanton 10 years
Legal row over who can use 'God' 1 thesheriff 10 years