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Pope announces that one Facebook "share" is now worth only nine prays. 2 Crayon 5 years
Vatican allays fears over Blood of Christ shortage 6 Midfield Diamond 5 years
Pope suggests speed-dating to break ice as he meets with UK sexual-abuse victims 1 Ads 6 years
Pope: Mi cazzo es su cazzo 2 Kevin the Swan 6 years
Pope Resignation ‘Inspired by Millibands’ 3 Griffo 7 years
Pope on a Rope to make global Christmas comeback 1 BewsNiscuit 7 years
Roles reversed as altar boy kisses the Pope’s ring 2 Perks 7 years
Michael Jackson to become the next saint 1 Gary Gonads 7 years
Pope Francis I: We need to put the sexy back into Catholicism 1 A.J. DiCosimo 7 years
Religious Art Corner (animation) 15 Midnight Dreary 7 years
New Pope found to contain 10% horse DNA 1 funnyhaha 7 years
Abu Qatada incensed at not being Pope 1 Flash! Aa-aaaa! 7 years
New Pope fined after white smoke violates the EU’s anti-pollution laws 1 Gary Gonads 7 years
White smoke an indication of Vatican Pole smoking 1 Gary Gonads 7 years
New Argentinean Pope to Benedict XVI; “Hitler sends his regards” 1 Gary Gonads 7 years
New Pope Controversy 1 PlasticMonk 7 years
Carbon monoxide kills 115 in Rome, faulty chimney thought to be cause. 2 theinvisiblecitychannels 7 years
New pope feeling a little horse after burger fright 1 moonie 7 years
Ant and Dec Named as Pope 2 Titus 7 years
Holy Trinity admits: we screwed up 8 Squudge 7 years
Pope rethinks resignation as meteorite misses Vatican 1 sydalg 7 years
Police probe papal "retirement" as traces of pope found in beef 1 sydalg 7 years
Vatican City Launches 'Papel', Online Redemption Service. 1 TheModerator 7 years
God to Oprah: IT WAS ME 1 Mr McDonald 7 years
The Race for Pope: UK 'Young Gun' tosses biretta into the ring 11 pinxit 7 years
Simon Cowell announces the launch of Pope Idol! 2 Perks 7 years
Italian Film Star reveals impending marriage to ex-Pope Benedict 1 JoshSpringer 7 years
Sports News 1 squibby 7 years
Pontiff remains tight-lipped about 'papal prophylactics' 1 8 years
China's population control plan in tatters "Just a bloody abortion" say critics 2 dvo4fun 8 years