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Israelis commandos mistook Gaza vessel for P & O cruise liner 3 Gary Stanton 10 years
Graham Brady MP 'Totally Fucking Psyched' to land 1922 Committee Chairmanship 1 thisisall1word 10 years
Cable refuses to add Osborne as a named driver on his car insurance 1 SimonRiley 10 years
Living with ‘Noah’s Ark Syndrome’ 1 muhniepie 10 years
LEADERSHIP BATTLE: five more Milibands to stand. 3 Scroat 10 years
British politics establishes the milliband as new unit of measurement. 1 themews 10 years
Balls proposes ‘Ministry for Funny Names’ 1 Digestive 10 years
David Cameron has Nick Clegg's head surgically grafted 2 Zadok the second 10 years
Lib Dems to form pact with Monster Raving Looney Party 1 10 years
Poll shows UK "Very Happy" with lack of government 8 rosewing 10 years
Voters to sue politicians for Post Election Stress Disorder 1 Mrblacker 10 years
Brown unveils new list of promises to break 4 sauce 10 years
Royal Mail to change livery during election campaign 1 Mrblacker 10 years
Party leaders shameful past 2 virtuallywill 10 years
PM night visit to No.11 because of 'loud music' 2 StoopyDeGunt 10 years
Fury At Treasury Plans For Windfall Tax On Déjà Vu 3 trophyhusband 10 years
Low voter turnout could mean shock election win for Apathy Party 2 jp1885 10 years
Tesco in bold move to restart Slave Trade. 9 10 years
19 yr old serving with forces in Helmand expresses sympathy with politician 4 virtuallywill 10 years
Darling counters Brown's "forces of hell" with the forces of Hull: John Prescott 1 the coarse whisperer 10 years