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Tories blame heatwave on Gordon Brown 1 Christopher Frost 6 years
Inflation Rate at 4%: heroin cost increase offset by fall in prostitution fees 1 steve_l 6 years
Man Boobs to Save the Planet 6 The Underpant 6 years
'Carry on Coalition' breaks all box office records 8 Oxbridge 6 years
IMF Chief Offered Escape by Hog-Nosed Skunks 1 RogerAbrahams 7 years
House of Lords Reform announced: both Oxford and Cambridge graduates allowed 3 be reasonable 7 years
Jeremy Clarkson denounced David Cameron -calls him a sexist public school twat 1 steve_l 7 years
Voting Referendum to be replaced by "Like" or "Dislike" button on Facebook 2 Danny 7 years
"It makes no census to me", claims UAE-born 20-year old man/woman 1 dannyboy206 7 years
Government to privatise Forensic Service on a "No Win No Fee" basis. 1 Mors 7 years
No more Toblerone for Mubarak as Swiss government freeze his assets 1 Selma 7 years
Conservatives and Lib Dems to merge forming The Condem Party 4 Sinnick 7 years
'Sleeping with' new euphemism for 'Having Sex' 1 Trickster 7 years
Ardon takes Assange back to Wandsworth Prison 2 rikkor 7 years
Tense UN climate talks reach agreement on next venue 2 petebrown 7 years
Republicans disband after dumb American voters still don't get the joke 7 rikkor 7 years
Belgians vote for 'let's just forget it party' 5 De-scribe 7 years
Nick Clegg reacts angrily to ‘cleansing’ claims 1 struth 7 years
Government raises threat level to 'Severe' after days get shorter 1 dogwheels 7 years
Thatched Funeral on the BBC 3 Kazytc 7 years
'Liberal' Sauron rejected by Tea Party grassroots 1 dogwheels 7 years
3 peers behind the curtains face Bailiffs 1 Kazytc 7 years
Boris in shock resignation – urges Cameron to follow 1 7 years
Parliament Failing To Properly Represent the Intelligence Make Up of Society 3 thisisall1word 7 years
Blair book cash to go the Taliban 1 thogg 7 years
IDS to privatise Benefits System 4 ramblesnake 7 years
Lib -Dems to replace GB Gymnasts for London Olympics 2012 2 jambutty 7 years
Blair's autobiography changed from The Journey to Tanning for Millionaires 1 Non-U 7 years
Coalition: Mass Sacking of Female Civil Servants Gives Increase in Home Baking 1 thisisall1word 7 years