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Promised UKIP Drinking Session in Guinness Factory Halted Due to Admin Issues 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Clegg states his case 1 GingerClive 4 years
All Male Front Bench Panel reform? 1 Robert Koch 4 years
US comedy singer Weird Al unmasked as missing Ukrainian president Yanukovych. 2 Wrenfoe 4 years
NobNomination craze sweeps through Westminster 12 Squudge 4 years
LibDem split to make no difference at all 1 GingerClive 4 years
Deputy Prime Minister to be culled 1 Robert Koch 4 years
LibDem support collapses in run up to bye election 5 GingerClive 4 years
David Starkey Wins Award 9 GingerClive 4 years
Farage in shock "no idea what I stand for" revelation 4 Titus 4 years
Francois Hollande in hospital suffering from exhaustion 1 Vulcanised Rubber 4 years
Cameron furious over prisoners voting for Sam Bailey in X Factor final 3 D 4 years
About That Ronnie Biggs Knighthood 3 Max Farquar 4 years
George Osborne’s letter to Santa leaked to the press. 1 therustler 4 years
Josef Stalin named as Labour candidate for Falkirk. 3 miked10270 4 years
Pensioners urged to form their own political parties to avoid fuel bills. 4 julio bango 4 years
Twat in suit uses words "Robust and Rigorous" one time too many. Bludgeoned. 20 blokefromstoke 4 years
Aide in shock after seeing Vince Cable without mask 11 blokefromstoke 4 years
We Also Watched You Pee, US Tells Merkel 3 Wrenfoe 4 years
Clegg announces preferred coalition partner for next hung Parliament 3 Al OPecia 4 years
Brave Dave hires Cowell in election shake-up 3 KateWritesStuff 4 years
Nopower, the new fastest growing political party, buys votes for £120 each 1 2escapees 4 years
Labour Join Tories In ‘Giving Up’ On Slothful, Claim Bums Nationwide 1 Bart Verhoeven 4 years
Ed Miliband pinning conference hopes on Real IRA atrocity 5 Titus 4 years
Milliband stuns critics by announcing no policies until after the election. 1 2escapees 4 years
USA: GITMO will be closed for good, once House figures out where the keys are 1 George_BKZ 5 years
Russia to Ban Anything F***able to Defend Traditional Marriage 1 George_BKZ 5 years
Russia to Ban Anything F***able to Defend Traditional Marriage 3 George_BKZ 5 years
Abortion Clinic Fails Equality Targets 5 Psycadelic Squirrel 5 years
Graffiti Yob Becomes A Millionaire From Reporting His Own Crimes 5 Arthur 5 years