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Shock as Miliband Enters Eurovision Song Contest 1 S-Bahn 15 hours
'Aving It!' - Manchester First City to Secede From Union 1 S-Bahn 5 days
Food Banks celebrate Conservative victory 2 doctowhodini 2 weeks
Food Banks celebrate Conservative victory 4 deceangli 2 weeks
Tory candidate can’t hitch a ride 1 EverTheOptimist 3 weeks
All parties promise to end racism towards Dragons 1 CunningLinguist 4 weeks
Dubstepping Into the Future - Miliband Takes Style Tips from Skrillex 3 Midfield Diamond 1 month
'Skips not UKIP' Donation Blunder for Express Chief 1 S-Bahn 1 month
'Peppa Pig EU propaganda' Farrage opens truth flaps again 7 Skylarking 1 month
Green Party urge Britons to vote Labour to ensure Katie Hopkins leaves country 12 Adrian Bamforth 1 month
As Election Approaches Cameron Seeks To Bolster Rights For Squatters 1 One Man And His Laptop 1 month
Inspired By The Nigerian President, David Cameron To Be Rebranded: “Tough Luck Dave” 1 One Man And His Laptop 1 month
Paxman Must Be Muzzled Demand MPs 1 One Man And His Laptop 1 month
Leprechaunean Irish Mayor squashes Tomato Head 21 Dodderer 2 months
Scientists research into Lib Dem 'wobble' shows applied left and right forces 8 beau-jolly 2 months
Rocketing private school prices spark fears of elitism 4 Gerontius 2 months
Blair finally unites the Middle East 3 Sinnick 2 months
David Cameron washing his hair on night of TV debate 1 Ivan_Edwards 2 months
Government To Scrap Doctors - Encourages Public To Google Their Illness Instead 3 deceangli 3 months
Is Teresa May a Robber? 2 beau-jolly 3 months
Broadcasters agree to air special General Election edition of 'Fifteen to One'. 6 Crayon 3 months
New National Holiday Special (1000 words) 6 Titus 5 months
Chancellor George Osborne "is posh" 1 Johnny Expat 5 months
Obama passes emergency legislation, redefines "Presidency" as "golf" 3 Iroquois Pliskin 6 months
Obama shared bubble bath with Ra’s al Ghul in latest WhiteHouse security blunder 1 Iroquois Pliskin 7 months
Cameron: It wasn't the Queen purring, I'd accidentally called a sex line 1 Lang 8 months
Scotland's Yes campaign chances take dive as ballot paper gaff is revealed. 1 Geospectrum 8 months
SatNavs To Delete Independent Scotland! 3 Scroat 9 months
Monster Raving Loony Party loses Nick Griffin as leader 1 Schoolboy 10 months
A day after opening it, the Queen closes parliament 3 laurencescott 11 months