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New National Holiday Special (1000 words) 6 Titus 1 month
Chancellor George Osborne "is posh" 1 Johnny Expat 1 month
Obama passes emergency legislation, redefines "Presidency" as "golf" 3 Iroquois Pliskin 2 months
Obama shared bubble bath with Ra’s al Ghul in latest WhiteHouse security blunder 1 Iroquois Pliskin 3 months
Cameron: It wasn't the Queen purring, I'd accidentally called a sex line 1 Lang 4 months
Scotland's Yes campaign chances take dive as ballot paper gaff is revealed. 1 Geospectrum 4 months
SatNavs To Delete Independent Scotland! 3 Scroat 5 months
Monster Raving Loony Party loses Nick Griffin as leader 1 Schoolboy 6 months
A day after opening it, the Queen closes parliament 3 laurencescott 7 months
A Dog's View of the European and Local Council Elections 1 bpperry 8 months
Labour lose control of Paul Merton, Tory's hold Ashford & Simpson 3 virtuallywill 8 months
Lib Dems take Bath 1 virtuallywill 8 months
UKIP to Build New Headquarters with Bricks Sent in Post 8 ick-head 8 months
UK Government agree plans to move the Isle of Wight to London 6 ick-head 8 months
HM Treasury’s New ‘We Buy Any Gold’ website goes live today 1 ick-head 8 months
Putin announces Russian Premier-League expansion plans for Ukraine 1 ick-head 8 months
HS2 Construction Approved by Shareholders in Construction Companies 1 james_doc 9 months
Cameron caught off guard as things go quite well for a fortnight 1 Schoolboy 9 months
Farage banned from debate for breaking rules on "hiring minor politicians" 1 Schoolboy 9 months
Cable seeks to ban "e-mail" as it "encourages the use of Royal Mail" 1 Schoolboy 9 months
"Extremely difficult" for independent Scotland to join EU Summer Time. 7 robnotyou 10 months
Politician seen wandering streets and shaking people's hands 1 Schoolboy 10 months
Thatcherites mourn Benn 1 GingerClive 10 months
Feminist: Tory Aides Need "A Good Slap" 2 andyiong 10 months
David Cameron's Back Injury Diagnosed as "Spinelessness" 1 Schoolboy 10 months
Promised UKIP Drinking Session in Guinness Factory Halted Due to Admin Issues 1 Schoolboy 10 months
Clegg states his case 1 GingerClive 10 months
All Male Front Bench Panel reform? 1 Robert Koch 11 months
US comedy singer Weird Al unmasked as missing Ukrainian president Yanukovych. 2 Wrenfoe 11 months
NobNomination craze sweeps through Westminster 12 Squudge 11 months