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George Galloway has had a Fedora stitched into his scalp 1 1 month
Corbyn Twitter Hacks - Not Enough Dicks 1 S-Bahn 1 month
MP's to Pick Up Labour Shortfall Should Junior Doctors Strike 2 Prime Mover 2 months
Man Overdoses on Homeopathy 1 james_doc 3 months
Fantastic Hypocrites and Where to Find Them 2 Nick John Whittle 5 months
Christian Clerk refuses marriage licences to straight couples 1 Crisps Cake and a cup of Tea 5 months
Samantha Cameron texts picture of her twat 1 virtuallywill 5 months
'All We Need Is a Giant Can of Raid' - Cameron Deals With Migrant Swarn 1 S-Bahn 6 months
Swarm of migrants “destroying” Greek holiday island 1 Ivan_Edwards 6 months
Tory’s Draft in Expert Help after Lord’s Bra Shame 15 S J Roe 6 months
Cameron Castigates Pervy Peer 2 Max Stars 6 months
Gay leader refuses to say whether voting Lib Dem is sinful 2 Crayon 7 months
MPs to discuss cash in hand option for restoration of Parliament 2 Not Amused 8 months
Migrant Dogs to be Repatriated 1 Gryphon 8 months
Blair finally unites the Middle East 4 StanleyMizaru 8 months
Shock as Miliband Enters Eurovision Song Contest 1 S-Bahn 8 months
'Aving It!' - Manchester First City to Secede From Union 1 S-Bahn 9 months
Food Banks celebrate Conservative victory 2 doctowhodini 9 months
Food Banks celebrate Conservative victory 4 deceangli 9 months
Tory candidate can’t hitch a ride 1 EverTheOptimist 9 months
All parties promise to end racism towards Dragons 1 CunningLinguist 9 months
Dubstepping Into the Future - Miliband Takes Style Tips from Skrillex 3 Midfield Diamond 9 months
'Skips not UKIP' Donation Blunder for Express Chief 1 S-Bahn 10 months
'Peppa Pig EU propaganda' Farrage opens truth flaps again 7 Skylarking 10 months
Green Party urge Britons to vote Labour to ensure Katie Hopkins leaves country 12 Adrian Bamforth 10 months
As Election Approaches Cameron Seeks To Bolster Rights For Squatters 1 One Man And His Laptop 10 months
Inspired By The Nigerian President, David Cameron To Be Rebranded: “Tough Luck Dave” 1 One Man And His Laptop 10 months
Paxman Must Be Muzzled Demand MPs 1 One Man And His Laptop 10 months
Leprechaunean Irish Mayor squashes Tomato Head 21 Dodderer 10 months
Scientists research into Lib Dem 'wobble' shows applied left and right forces 8 beau-jolly 11 months