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“CAN DO” CAMPBELL DID WHAT…? - 2 36 Titus 2 months
Obama passes emergency legislation, redefines "Presidency" as "golf" 3 Iroquois Pliskin 4 months
Obama Proposes Gun Control for the Under-Threes and Monkeys 3 Sinnick 1 year
Obama's "Anti-Terrorism Branch" 4 Sinnick 1 year
Panic at NSA as Ed Snowden reveals Obama's Christmas Present List 1 james_patching_1 1 year
We Also Watched You Pee, US Tells Merkel 3 Wrenfoe 1 year
President Obama to Cut Education Funding in "Polarizing" Move 3 xbuckethead 1 year
Obama counts to four: declares thumb war 1 doublepaulrice 1 year
Targaryen chemical weapons "a Game of Thrones changer" 4 reforse 1 year
Breaking News: East Korea declares war on West Korea. 1 BewsNiscuit 2 years
Predator Drones used at Obama's Inauguration 1 2 years
Obama's hint at accelerated pull out leaves Karzai high and dry... 1 Joe Reynolds 2 years
Anonymous officially labelled "a bigger deal than Kony" 10 beau-jolly 2 years
BREAKING NEWS: Blusterous New Jersey Gov Blows Off His Party 1 2 years
US election mainly about bum sex 9 AReader 2 years
Barack Obama Pulls Out Of US Election - "It Just Ain't Worth It" 3 Sinnick 2 years
Obama Gives Up Presidency- "I Am Tired Of Being A Babysitter For Crybaby's". 1 rfreed 2 years
News Of The World- The Year 2020 1 rfreed 2 years
Sources Reveal Mitt Romney’s Past Membership in Gangsta Rap Group 1 pdheller 2 years
Prince Philip 'Hid Silverware' During Obama's Palace Visit 2 Yikes 2 years
Obama Defeats Romney in Hollywood Version of 2012 Presidential Election 1 2 years
Obama pledges to "finish the job" and find Wally 1 TerribleTim 2 years
Obama Sin Laden following sexual congress 2 nickb 2 years
British Public Braced For Tedious Over-Analysis of US/UK "Special Relationship" 2 FlashArry 3 years
Othello- The Obama Version 1 rfreed 3 years
Barack Obama Bananarama Llama Farmer Drama 3 button 3 years
Republicans Oppose Obama's Dinner Plans 16 writinginbsl 3 years
Obama averts US debt crisis with loan from 13 Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years
Obama pins hopes on PPI compensation claim. 1 Corrigan 3 years
No cause for financial alarm, Obama tells nation via Justin.TV 1 f0zz 3 years