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Rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic 4 Wicked Lady 5 years
Clegg Promises "never to be Deputy PM again" 1 PaulHorrox2 5 years
Broadcasters agree to air special General Election edition of 'Fifteen to One'. 6 Crayon 5 years
English Engineers to Visit Panama 1 wirralmatt 6 years
World's Biggest White Goods Scandal Uncovered 2 Titus 6 years
Clegg states his case 1 GingerClive 6 years
Controversy Over Made-Up Ship 1 JudgementDave 6 years
Clegg announces preferred coalition partner for next hung Parliament 3 Al OPecia 7 years
Scientists develop replacement set of testicles on Nick Clegg’s forehead 2 Midfield Diamond 7 years
George's star sparks new interest in naming astronomical bodies 11 Squudge 7 years
Higgs-Boson Team to Lead Search for Nick Clegg’s Spine 2 writinginbsl 7 years
Chris Huhne needs 24-hour care, says Clegg. 3 dvo4fun 7 years
withdrawn 1 Squudge 7 years
Tax credits and benefits to be 'stamped out' - breaking news - 2 34 BleepingTom 7 years
African Newspapers taken in by Nick Clegg Deputy PM hoax 5 TerribleTim 7 years
Tragedy as terrorist group fails to bomb Lib Dem conference. 11 Deadcode 8 years
Clegg wows Lib Dems with Ashdown project for paddy fields 12 8 years
Ed Balls yesterday apologised for selling his daughter's hamster (2 years ago) 6 dvo4fun 8 years
Lib-Dems dream of Parelection gold 4 Squudge 8 years
Nick Clegg furious at anti sparkler legislation 1 Reg Herring 8 years
Clegg Joins Call For GB Medallist Embargo As BBC Accused Of Excessive Patriotism 6 Nowherefast 8 years
Clogg head Clegg to send kids to "All-Warts" 7 Screenie 8 years
House of Lords to be replaced by panel from The Voice 6 Qoxiivi 8 years
“Stroke turned me into Deputy PM” - Clegg 2 Sinnick 8 years
Long term unemployed to get positions in Coalition Government 1 ianrbland 8 years
David Cameron to speed up adoption process for Nick Clegg 3 dvo4fun 8 years
Scientists capture first glimpse of elusive Clegg boson 14 writinginbsl 8 years
Nick Clegg to repeal second law of thermodynamics 5 Golgo13 8 years
Tottenham looter was Old Etonian toff. 1 rebel not taken 9 years
NHS reforms to be allowed to ‘die with dignity’ 4 Al OPecia 9 years