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Canada "need more coconut" 29 Stephenlbushell 4 years
Man inadvertently admits to colleague that he shaves his balls 1 Schoolboy 5 years
Japan claims whale hunts were study to see how long they could get away with it 6 Schoolboy 6 years
Cars designed to be fuelled by skepticism about climate change 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Politician seen wandering streets and shaking people's hands 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Libel Laws Administered by Incompetents, Says Evil Lawyer 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Former Ukraine President Chose to Side with Russia "Because The Porn is Better" 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Downton Abbey Not A Documentary: Chicago University Study 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Norwegian curling team suspected of ball tampering 5 Squudge 6 years
Computer runs out of storm names and generates: Gefutzsbttx 1 Squudge 6 years
Fallon in Nuclear fallout 1 KateWritesStuff 6 years
Former RBS chief executive Fred Goodwin downgraded to invertibrate 1 simonhansen 7 years
New Democracy toga party back on. 1 simonhansen 7 years
Ferry cross the Mersey takes evasive action to avoid island in the stream 1 Miss Hegas 8 years
Waitrose stripped of balsamic vinegar in middle-class panic-buying frenzy 2 Ostsee 9 years