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UK Borders Agency accused of black hole in paperwork 7 sponge finger 7 years
British Tourist board: 'come to Waterworld for the summer holidays' 1 Squudge 7 years
British Gas introduce 'lagging the elderly' 12 Squudge 7 years
Madam Coco the Clown arrested for 'entertaining at home' 8 Tess Goes 7 years
This Christmas, get the motorist in your life a miniature unicorn. 1 sigmund 8 years
Psychiatric patients to ‘pay their way’ says Health Minister. 2 5printst 8 years
'Margaret Hodge' deemed too tasteless for a pint of piss 5 Dick Everyman 8 years
Iron Maiden treatment spearheads 'new' therapies on the NHS 7 Yikes 8 years
Eddie goes really bad 6 Squudge 8 years
Iron Maiden's 'Eddie' chosen as 'new face' of Weight Watchers 2 Squudge 8 years
Hotel Coalition - you can check-in via the side gate 15 Sinnick 8 years
Ryanair moves from online check-in to online flights 4 Yikes 8 years
Tesco grab a special offer for Sale 5 Sir Lupus 8 years
Mexican dentist denies buy 1 get 1 free special offer; "I said 'tooth for Juan'" 5 Sinnick 8 years
Residents pleased with nuclear power plant: “At least it's not a wind farm.” 3 button 8 years
Neat-O Rises 22 simonjmr 8 years
Wind farm fails to turn a profit 1 medici2471 8 years
An ill wind blows as anti GM protesters storm farm 4 Psycadelic Squirrel 8 years
GMO breakthrough: Wind Farm successfully produces a Clockwork Orange 1 MahoganyGas 8 years
Wind Farm goes into administration after lack of breeding. 5 writinginbsl 8 years
How much Norfolk blood runs through N.i.B guest editors and W.O.M. winners ? - 2 51 Oxbridge 10 years
*** NEAT O *** 9 andhrimnir 10 years
This is not a thread... 29 rikkor 10 years
NEAT- O Challenge : Wrecking Ball 12 edward hack 10 years
Has anyone seen MadJez? 7 MADJEZ 10 years
**** NEAT O **** 12 Grunties 10 years
Missing NEAT-O result 20/03/2010 4 Scroat 10 years
NEAT-O STUMP 9 simonjmr 10 years
ITV to make new version of South West TV classic 1 Mrblacker 10 years
Mastermind contestant who didn't know answer was told to "gusset" 1 thackaray 10 years