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Previously undiscovered Kurt Weill manuscript completes Threepenny Suite 5 Smart Alex 1 year
Eighth contestant in French circus competition performs on trapèze huit 1 Arthur 1 year
Innovative confectioners Peterson, Patterson and Parson patent PPP Sweet 1 Arthur 1 year
Typographic error results in smart Neat-O judge wearing 3-piece suit 1 Arthur 1 year
Honey on knife makes three peas sweet 1 Arthur 1 year
Dinner lady with economics degree serves 3p sweet 1 Arthur 1 year
Old scrap of paper found in French stringed instrument was avis dans basse 4 Squudge 1 year
Catering pack of Bisto in canal workers' canteen makes a navvy dense baste 3 nickb 1 year
French mountain climber's body found in le vide en ce bas d'Auvergne 1 Arthur 1 year
'Stodgy' wedding cake maker sued after heavy, dense base dropped in groom's lap 4 Titus 1 year
Judge makes landmark ruling by admitting evidence based on trig-points 1 Arthur 1 year
British tourist refuses to pay French restaurant bill because custard was burnt 4 Squudge 1 year
Sensitive sunbather complains that factor 50 cream burnt her skin 4 Lindy Moone 1 year
Smethwick dairy offers free crème brûlée to firefighters for a week 1 Arthur 1 year
Insolvent aggregates firm sells ex-quarries 1 Arthur 1 year
Lawyer's divorce bill continues to rise as client's ex queries everything 1 Arthur 1 year
High proportion of sociolinguists ate squares of toast, study reveals 2 sydalg 1 year
Consortium of mathematicians set square root of zero to mean absolute fuck all 5 Arthur 1 year
Pocahontas sets squaws against each other with alimony claim 5 Titus 1 year
Accomplished compositor sets quires daily 1 Arthur 1 year
Brave ferrets tackle badger setts square on 1 Arthur 1 year
Turkish riots set square alight 1 Arthur 1 year
Displays of bad manors upset squires' visitors, says English Heritage 1 Arthur 1 year
There's a word for this 5 Arthur 1 year
Marrying a celebrity chef and dining outside expensive restaurants is pointless 1 Arthur 1 year
Lizard Point less dangerous thanks to lighthouse 3 Arthur 1 year
Richard III descendants appoint Leicester car park attendant as bodyguard 5 Arthur 1 year
NewsBiscuit Exclusive: Pointless joke wins Neat-O competition 1 Arthur 1 year
This is pointless. I claim my prize. 1 Arthur 1 year
Catholic Church takes the dramatic pause to new levels 1 FlashArry 2 years