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Footage of police chatting amiably to students shocks US 1 jp1885 4 years
Structural engineers called as cracks appear in Gordon Brown's smile 1 jp1885 4 years
Threat of Kerry Katona grounds UK flights 1 Mrblacker 4 years
Panic as gigantic high-heel appears over northern Europe 1 jp1885 4 years
Son of female volcanologist sued by frozen food chain 1 jp1885 4 years
Local council blames ape shit-strewn roundabout on gorilla gardeners 1 jp1885 4 years
Repeated house break-ins traced to geocache hidden in toilet cistern 1 jp1885 4 years
Men's Health Magazine to include pull-out section on ineffective contraception 1 jp1885 4 years
Joke writers unable to find angle on forthcoming Prime Ministerial mass debate 6 fernandomando 4 years
Cameron pledges to 'kiss Britain better' 1 jp1885 4 years
Starr to recommence autograph signing after passer-by fails to recognise him 1 jp1885 4 years
Disbelief as the shite one voted off in first round of TV talent show 1 jp1885 4 years
Hoary old chesnut charged with prostitution 1 Mrblacker 4 years
Capello admits Parker Bowles now unlikely to make squad for South Africa 1 spa99ers 4 years
Malcolm McLaren dies of cancer; claimed stranglewank was 'too common' 1 Mrblacker 4 years
Obama and Medvedev behind bars after 'Presidents' piss-up Prague 2010' goes awry 1 jp1885 4 years
DIY orthopaedic surgeon 'making a rod for his own back' say critics 1 jp1885 4 years
Comedic talent to separate from Lenny Henry 1 jp1885 4 years
Conservationists back Cameron over Grey Tignored election pledge. 1 Mrblacker 4 years
Doctors to issue Wii-Fit notes to the unemployed 1 jp1885 4 years
Queen to face terrorism charges over dissolving Parliament. more soon 1 Mrblacker 4 years
Queen orders extra sulphuric acid ahead of Brown visit. more soon 1 Mrblacker 4 years
Church admits sponsorship mistake over production of Samsung and Delilah. More s 2 curry muncher 5 years
Goldfinger started out as King Midas' proctologist, new biography claims 2 Dickens or Shakespeare 5 years
Videogames enthusiast is Tekken prisoner. more soon 1 Mrblacker 5 years
Literalist Christian footballers refuse to take corners. More soon 1 Mrblacker 5 years
City tramp arrested in cider trading scandal. 3 dazchief 5 years
BAE Systems given contract to bomb-proof Bob Ainsworth's moustache. More soon 1 Mrblacker 5 years
Budget 'the political equivalent of beige' says Brian Sewell. more soon 3 PluckyMunky 5 years
Harlem Globetrotters continue unbeaten run. More soon 3 dazchief 5 years