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DSO for housewife who immediately replaces dirty towels with clean ones 1 jp1885 10 years
Tory MP favourite for Britain's Got Talent 1 jp1885 10 years
Blinded Everest climber 'shouldn’t have been wanking at that altitude' 1 jp1885 10 years
Fears of a copycat killer after 'Strongbow Cannibal' strikes in Herefordshire 2 QorbeQ 10 years
Soweto necklace 'not that kind of euphemism', World Cup sex tourists warned 6 QorbeQ 10 years
Headline writer dies of pun-overload after the death of the Singing Beaver. 2 Oxbridge 10 years
Volcanic ash cloud still over tropical paradise, insist British holidaymakers 1 jp1885 10 years
Noel Edmonds starts cosmic mail ordering company 1 jp1885 10 years
Met Office set weather chat warning to 'Tedious' 1 jp1885 10 years
Arizona to build giant ha-ha along Mexican border 1 jp1885 10 years
God 'been away, catching up on some reading' admits Vatican 1 jp1885 10 years
Reconstructed face of Medieval knight obscured by 'bloody great helmet' 1 jp1885 10 years
Norfolk town opens municipal gene pool 5 QorbeQ 10 years
BBC goes a whole day without a repeat of Murder She Wrote 2 Oxbridge 10 years
Afghan passenger plane 'lands safely' 1 jp1885 10 years
Latest watercooler television event just footage of a water cooler 1 jp1885 10 years
Jockey Club to abandon First Past the Post system 1 jp1885 10 years
Middle aged men sought for Pirelli spare tyre calendar 2 QorbeQ 10 years
John Terry Scan Reveals No Damage To Libido 1 mpaterson 10 years
New TV talent show ‘Over the Rainbow Coalition’ cancelled 1 jp1885 10 years
Brown's resignation confirms Scots inability to enter second round of anything 1 Mrblacker 10 years
Derbyshire family's yacht rescue reveals true danger of lettuce 1 Mrblacker 10 years
Boccaccio to update classic as the DeCleggaron 1 Mrblacker 10 years
Dyslexics urged to veto. more soon 1 Mrblacker 10 years
US Coast Guard regret employing Texan oil surveyor 1 jp1885 10 years
German emergency loan package to be parachuted into Crete 1 jp1885 10 years
Recession-hit actors' union renamed Negative Equity 6 Des Custard 10 years
Celebrity Paint Drying beats Leaders Debate viewing figures 3 brownpaperreporter 10 years
Moderately-humoured man ‘satisfied by occasional table joke’. 1 malgor 10 years
Cameron ends up with Clegg on his face 2 MrChigleysAunt 10 years