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Man prone to exaggeration 'gutted' in tragedy at fishmongers 3 ramblesid 3 years
Second contributor in humour failure. 2 Titus 3 years
Mr Bic still putting all his eggs in the 'people-need-cheap-pens' basket 3 nickb 4 years
Chess and girlfriends still mutually exclusive 2 Mr Target 4 years
Sheep community decides to keep faith with collie leadership 5 nickb 4 years
Colleague promoted from arsehole to wanker 2 Al OPecia 5 years
Tesco offers free removal of injured horses at Grand National. More Soon. 4 JoeBradley 7 years
Flightless birds 'wasting everyone's time' 4 nickb 8 years
UN Passes Resolution To Abolish Lengthy National Anthems By 2023 7 Golgo13 9 years
Blair eyes 1 waggy 9 years
Native American smoke signals mainly emergency calls to fire station 11 Al OPecia 9 years
Hungry Imam modifies stance against ham 4 be reasonable 9 years
Assange: "It's pointless to use condoms. They'd only leak." 1 Matt T 9 years
Waitrose stripped of balsamic vinegar in middle-class panic-buying frenzy 2 Ostsee 9 years
English ref to disallow first goal in world cup final 1 jp1885 10 years
Humans arrived early in Britain to avoid the queue, archaeologists discover 1 jp1885 10 years
'Vaginal infection due to poorly washed fig leaf' insists Eve 1 jp1885 10 years
Halal and Kosher butcher's job swap initiative 'not the success we expected' 2 Svendo 10 years
Rise in fox attacks 'no great suprise' say chickens 2 saltire 10 years
Amorous bankers caught playing FTSE under the table 5 Sigmund Freud 10 years
'Anyone But Murray' T-shirts available for sale in England 4 The All New Jeni B 10 years
'Cutbacks will mean fewer police' headline wins No Shit Sherlock award for June 1 jp1885 10 years
Sepp Blatter to personally trial changing room cameras for Women's World Cup 3 saltire 10 years
Scotland to officially support Ghana 2 Ostsee 10 years
TV bosses to dub 'you're shit and you know you are' over Vuvuzela noise 1 jp1885 10 years
'44 years of hurt not really that painful' admits Greavsie 1 jp1885 10 years
Satanic lingerie company releases diabolical liberty bodice 1 jp1885 10 years
James Corden eats Patrick Stewart during Glamour Awards spat 1 jp1885 10 years
Labour leadership candidates enter Big Brother house 3 Ostsee 10 years
Bruised Jupiter 'fell down the stairs' maintains asteroid 1 jp1885 10 years