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Everyone who drives something for a living is a wanker 3 bonjonelson 5 years
London declares war on Yorkshire 4 Oxbridge 5 years
Discarded flea-ridden mattress trend sweeps through Dalston, East London 1 Tom Learmouth 5 years
Government To Scrap Doctors - Encourages Public To Google Their Illness Instead 3 deceangli 5 years
Boris gets tough on wheelie-suitcases 1 Arjan K 5 years
Londoners shocked by "plant pot massacre" 2 tomholder 6 years
Evil Villain shuns underground lair for London skyscraper 1 clarksn 7 years
Programmes infest BBC’s £1 billion London HQ 1 drs 7 years
'Dutch Roundabouts an Abomination' says Mary Whitehouse. 3 Skylarking 7 years
Critics not impressed with “London Marathon –the revenge” 1 hardev 7 years
Trinotalotasauraus Trades Union Party Leader, Archibald ..... 4 beau-jolly 7 years
London Mayor unveils tribute to G20 victim and launches 'Bozza Buggy' scheme 1 pinxit 7 years
London announces 2016 Olympics bid 2 Vertically Challenged Giant 7 years
London borough seeking secession from United Kingdom 1 slapespeare 8 years
the Official unOfficial Queen Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Olympics Anthem 1 JulieJubilee 8 years
London 2012, Why did it go so wrong? 1 Reeking Lum 8 years
London Nearly Finished Claims Mayor - On Time and Within Budget. 2 Jeremy Hunt 8 years
Satirists praise GB football team for doing the usual 2 beau-jolly 8 years
Olympic fever sparks new diet craze 3 The_RLJ 8 years
Secret Putin plot to trump Queen by jumping without a parachute over London 1 ginty 8 years
Agile Boris wows crowds with reverse double flag & twin half-mast ariel display 3 ginty 8 years
India storm to top the 2012 Olympics Offended Nations table 1 ginty 8 years
Whale fined for breaching new Thames Bylaws 2 The Masked Frog 8 years
Olympic torch carrier sets fire to London park. 2 wallster 8 years
London voters turn to 1 Boutros 8 years
Iran Triggers Tit for Tat Displays of Military Might 3 StevenRolland 8 years
' contemporary art goes missing' 2 beau-jolly 8 years
Ken Livingstone buys Cliff Richards winery in run up to London mayoral elections 1 ambrosine 8 years
Lambeth Walk is actually Rickets claim doctors 16 Steve Wilson 8 years
Northern Man Handed 10 Year Jail Term For Being Friendly To Strangers In London 3 Duff 9 years