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Jeremy Corbyn plans to replace Trident with a ‘stern look’ 1 3 years
Corbyn demotes self in reshuffle 3 Titus 3 years
Ed Miliband unveils plans to release cool swing album 3 101010 3 years
Labour Front Bench MPs to Form a New Party 2 Titus 3 years
Quasi Socialists Jump Ship 1 Nick John Whittle 3 years
Panic as ‘Islamic extremist/socialist liaisons’ website Ash’li Medina-son hacked 1 Skylarking 4 years
Cover design only obstacle to publishing Iraq report, claims Chilcot 21 Al OPecia 4 years
Osborne clinically dead at subatomic level 7 Tom Learmouth 4 years
Shock as Miliband Enters Eurovision Song Contest 1 S-Bahn 4 years
Geppetto 'will not sever links with Pinocchio' 1 pere floza 4 years
Dubstepping Into the Future - Miliband Takes Style Tips from Skrillex 3 Midfield Diamond 4 years
Balls places dibs on spare Trident sub for own novelty retirement home 1 ScotAbroad 4 years
John Prescott Brought Back From The Political Grave To Crack Some Skulls. 2 Titus 4 years
Ed Miliband unveils new look Labour's 2015 Election Campaign bus 11 Sir Lupus 4 years
What's the secret ingredient of the perfect one-star sub? 14 Crayon 4 years
“We just prefer the colour purple” say defecting Tory MPs. 1 4 years
Torys vow new recession tackling measures. 1 Jambob 4 years
Labour vow to sell Scotland to reduce benefit 1 virtuallywill 4 years
Miliband a Tory "Plant" 5 Titus 5 years
Miliband casts doubt on election chances 1 Andy Gilder 5 years
'Lord Prescott is not my father,' claims Labour candidate 1 medici2471 5 years
Wrong spot... 1 medici2471 5 years
Josef Stalin named as Labour candidate for Falkirk. 3 miked10270 5 years
Nopower, the new fastest growing political party, buys votes for £120 each 1 2escapees 5 years
Milliband stuns critics by announcing no policies until after the election. 1 2escapees 5 years
Parents hit with School Dinner Tax 4 Titus 6 years
Labour to review historic links with voters 10 deskpilot3 6 years
Labour party adopt 'baksheesh' funding policy 1 monkeyrepublic 6 years
Wonga to Sponsor Labour Party 2 Titus 6 years
Buy the JML share issue tax dodger and get a JML Shadow Chancellor Balls today! 4 Arthur 6 years