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Cable seeks to ban "e-mail" as it "encourages the use of Royal Mail" 1 Schoolboy 9 months
Profoundly deaf lady cries as she hears Nick Griffin for the first time 1 Schoolboy 9 months
Max Clifford denies teaching grandma how to suck eggs; "they weren't eggs" 1 Schoolboy 9 months
David Moyes takes blame for Martin/Paltrow failure 1 Schoolboy 10 months
New Noah movie "not historically accurate" say historians and informed people 1 Schoolboy 10 months
Outrage as convicted loan shark sentenced to "punch on nose" 1 Schoolboy 10 months
M25 To Add Parking Bays For Commuters To Pull Over & Bawl Their Eyes Out 1 Schoolboy 10 months
A Bird In The Hand Is Now Worth 2 Bitcoins 1 Schoolboy 10 months
USA: GITMO will be closed for good, once House figures out where the keys are 1 George_BKZ 1 year
Headline overuses exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 shaggy 1 year
one liners vs longer pieces 9 malgor 4 years