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Man With Many Horrible Birthmarks Wins Strip Poker for 500th Time 2 Schoolboy 4 years
"I'm Sparticus" Says John Travolta In Another Naming Gaffe 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Inventor Of The Bitcoin Found to Be The OS from "Her" 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Met Officers to Receive Unecessary Pap Smears As Punishment For Past Behaviour 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Farage Denies It's Racist to Say The £2 Coin Looks Like a €1 Coin 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Report: Bum Holes Have As Much Bacteria As A Typical Toilet Seat 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Met Chief Claims Force Is Now Colourblind, Speaks Of Being The "Thin Green Line" 1 Schoolboy 4 years
BBC to Rebrand as "B" to save on ink 1 Schoolboy 4 years
One of Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse Comes Out As Gay, Girl Fans Heartbroken 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Bus Driver Denies Swerving Puddle to Keep Pedestrian Dry: "Was Just A Bad Aim" 1 Schoolboy 4 years
New Health and Safety Ad Warns That Lighter Fluid Is "Not a Diet Drink" 2 sydalg 4 years
Radio DJ Tries To Be Witty and Plays "Money, Money, Money" Based on News Story 1 Schoolboy 4 years
BBC Heard Screaming in The Bathroom as David Cameron Fired His Weapon 3 Schoolboy 4 years
David Cameron's Back Injury Diagnosed as "Spinelessness" 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Promised UKIP Drinking Session in Guinness Factory Halted Due to Admin Issues 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Gravity Wins For Most Puns On Its Name In News Headlines 3 Ironduke 4 years
One Legged Man FInally Wins Arse Kicking Contest 3 throngsman 4 years
Lights out in 10 minutes, Says God 3 Schoolboy 4 years
Appeal Launched After Man Sticks 2 Self-adhesive Postage Stamps Together 1 Schoolboy 4 years
"Academy Awards Are Like The Oscars of Cinema," Says Lindsay Lohan 2 deceangli 4 years
Man accidentally calls his boss "Dad" in meeting. 2 Tripod 4 years
Study: Europe Most Like Risk Board Map Since 18th Century 1 Schoolboy 4 years
American Girls Who Croak Words At End Of Sentence Are "Part Frog" 1 Schoolboy 4 years
Headline overuses exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 shaggy 5 years