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"Doors for dwarves" campaign has low-key launch 8 throngsman 5 years
Monster Raving Loony Party loses Nick Griffin as leader 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Rolf Harris Held Up by Ukip As Example of UK's Failed Immigration Policy 3 Mr Target 6 years
Doves' government in chaos after coo 1 Schoolboy 6 years
CNN news anchor asks a sensible question about missing flight MH370. 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Cameron caught off guard as things go quite well for a fortnight 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Farage banned from debate for breaking rules on "hiring minor politicians" 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Scottish diet advice changes for 5 to 7 fruit and veg per month 2 Dumbnews 6 years
Japan claims whale hunts were study to see how long they could get away with it 6 Schoolboy 6 years
Newsbiscuit switches to being genuine news site for April Fools Day 1 Schoolboy 6 years
"Nuts" magazine to close and be replaced by female version: "Flaps" 5 Schoolboy 6 years
Cosmology breakthrough: This world is actually some guy's oyster 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Vince Cable is a 1st class minister, says Cameron: worth 53p 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Person manages to sign name properly on electronic courier pad 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Mid-Atlantic infomercial accents sexiest, say middle aged, jobless women 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Insurance company releases top 10 worst excuses it's given for not paying out 2 Golgo13 6 years
Old man remembers what he was talking about before he digressed 1 Schoolboy 6 years
"Mounting fears" for porcupines during mating season 5 throngsman 6 years
UK Government makes contingency plans should Queen live forever 1 Schoolboy 6 years
NSA Launches Public Website to Remind Users Of Any Forgotten Passwords 2 Titus 6 years
5 Star General’s Awkward Walk Blamed On "Pincer Movement" 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Nomad Finds Hat at Home 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Nick Clegg Sues Pixar For Using His Likeness As Woody in Toy Story 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Modern Jesus Christ Turns WhatsApp into Vine 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Youtube Video of Man Sneezing and Coughing Goes Viral 3 Kevin the Swan 6 years
New Russian Map Books Show London As Capital Of “Western Russia” 2 Titus 6 years
Man Walks Free After Being Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Legal Loophole 2 Squudge 6 years
UKIP's Entire Manifesto Published in One Tweet With 35 Characters To Spare 3 throngsman 6 years
Pardew: Headbutt Suspension Better Than A Poke In The Eye From Jose Mourinho 1 Schoolboy 6 years
Google: "We Know People Want to Keep Their Privacy & Their Last 3 Addresses" 1 Schoolboy 6 years