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Milliband Revealed as “Artificial Life Form” 8 Titus 3 years
. 1 doctowhodini 3 years
Lone journalist gets lost in New York.. 2 5 years
Lib-Dems dream of Parelection gold 4 Squudge 5 years
Government raises threat level to 'Severe' after days get shorter 1 dogwheels 7 years
Liverpool FC receive another top offer 1 custard cream 7 years
Liverpool FC receive another top offer 1 custard cream 7 years
Chandlers Reunited 2 virtuallywill 7 years
Gordon Brown Forgets To Clear No 10's Browser History 11 Quaz 8 years
Isle of Wight Finally Prepares to Vote 2 FormerlyAlOPecia 8 years
Brown cabinet looks tired and worn 2 virtuallywill 8 years
Geoffery Zippy George and Bungle in last ditch talks with wounded PM 2 Duff 8 years
Queen invites David Dimbleby to form interim government 8 Ostsee 8 years
Brown, Cameron and Clegg to house-share No.10 3 Ostsee 8 years
PM implicated in election betting scandal 1 TerribleTim 8 years
Grey areas 21 Des Custard 8 years
Where are they now? - 2 35 AdrianJ 8 years
Alistair Campbell hires Dick van Dyke to play happy cockney Labour voter 1 ronseal 8 years
Gordon Brown announces free cruises for work-shy layabouts 1 8 years
OAP Gordon Brown changes name to Gordon Brown in futile show of support for PM 1 Stan 8 years
Prof. Brian Cox called to explain ’glowing thing in the sky’. 3 Mary Evans 8 years
Labour manifesto includes free mind programming CD by Lord Mandelson 5 Ludicity 8 years
Electorate can use ‘reasonable force’ to defend against political candidates 7 malgor 8 years
‘Carry on Campaigning’ takes box office by storm 3 malgor 8 years
David Cameron targets the family for election success 1 TerribleTim 8 years
Open goal 1 Zadok the second 8 years
Leaders' Wives fight for attentions of 'Milfing Man' 8 virtuallywill 8 years
Gordon Brown writes commendation to Olympic Gold winner Andy Williams 3 virtuallywill 8 years
Election leadership debates to follow rules of Just a Minute 5 Ludicity 8 years
Teachers fear classroom backlash over Brown bullying claims 1 Mrblacker 8 years