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Google Driverless Cars to Compete in Formula 1 1 Gryphon 4 years
Google Becomes Main Source Of Knowledge In Universe; God Steps Down. 1 5 years
Government To Scrap Doctors - Encourages Public To Google Their Illness Instead 3 deceangli 5 years
Google puts brakes on self driving cars after secret midget drivers revealed 1 thisisall1word 5 years
Internet to be reset 1 wirralmatt 5 years
Google now has to remove every link that made us look a twat 13 AReader 6 years
Google “Forgets” Existence of Bing 4 Wrenfoe 6 years
Reverse vigilantism sweeps London, violent crime plummets 1 tdotrob 6 years
Google launches ‘festive withdrawal’ in London offices 5 Plot126 6 years
Guardian decides not to publish everyone's Incognito browsing history after all 1 D 6 years
Rush to Patent Rose Tyler Interface 1 clarksn 6 years
Google to begin “Phase Three” of operation 1 james_doc 6 years
Google Car in "accident" that didn't involve stealing unencrypted WiFi data 1 clarksn 6 years
Grandma Thinks Googling is Sex Act 1 jmg16 6 years
I'm not paranoid but... 5 Dick Everyman 6 years
Google accused of manipulating ‘tax’ search results. 1 drs 7 years
New Facebook glasses mean you never have to see a real person again 3 writinginbsl 8 years
Search engine 'BURGLE' launched 1 weematt 8 years
Vatican defies critics over new 'simplified' privacy policy 8 Skylarking 8 years
Google to sponsor next series of 'Big Brother'. 1 Boutros 8 years
Internet to become literate by 2013. 3 Major Clanger 8 years
Worldwide search shutdown as Google CEO googles himself. 3 Boutros 8 years
“Go-Go Gadget Lawsuit!” Google vs Microsoft fight over Inspector Gadget patents 1 DavidEllisKent 8 years
Google admits: yep, we're evil 2 ResidentAlien 9 years
Google launches iTout as competitor to eBay 1 Des Custard 10 years
Search for 'human rights' on yields no results 1 Oxbridge 10 years
Bournemouth NewsBiscuit gathering captured on Google map street view 4 allmyownstunts 10 years