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Corbyn sees off Satan in Evil Stakes 1 Amasulem 8 months
Church of England demand God's right to prolong suffering. 27 Adrian Bamforth 8 months
Google Becomes Main Source Of Knowledge In Universe; God Steps Down. 1 1 year
God, Allah and Jehovah struggle to agree on live TV debate format 15 Al OPecia 1 year
Gordon Brown to Stand Down as MP and Become a God 1 dante67uk 1 year
God admits serious doubts over the Archbishop of Canterbury 6 throngsman 1 year
Odin Signs For Christianity On Transfer Deadline 1 SimonJJames 1 year
Buddha gets "lifetime achievement" in home accessory awards 4 TheSpectacle 1 year
God hears prayers for peace in Gaza, says 'Naah' 6 Oxbridge 1 year
Holy Search 1 OldThingy 2 years
An introduction to Hip Hop. 2 Titus 2 years
Ginger people do have souls, God's explains, but only so they may be damned... 1 TobiasBV 2 years
God's new religion 3 aksakal 2 years
Holy Trinity admits: we screwed up 8 Squudge 3 years
God to Oprah: IT WAS ME 1 Mr McDonald 3 years
Anonymous officially labelled "a bigger deal than Kony" 10 beau-jolly 3 years
BLAIR ‘I AM GOD’ 2 arthurminnit 4 years
God and Mary trying for new baby 3 Son of Barnabas 4 years
Richard Dawkins To find God 6 Scronnyglonkle 4 years
Sex Dreams Involving Royal Family Members Up 80% on 2010 (REWRITE) 1 SimonJJames 4 years
I.Q. of Intelligent Design’s Creator Pegged at 78 2 Al OPecia 4 years
Pope meets abuse victims; "If only there was a supreme being." 2 apepper 4 years
God confirms conversion to Islam 6 Vertically Challenged Giant 4 years
Steve Jobs to Personally Negotiate 
with St. Peter for the Rights to "iCloud" 1 mbalton 4 years
God Comes Out As Gay 8 5 years
Church of Scientology refuses to take part in fund-raising for 'Comic Belief'. 3 deskpilot3 5 years
God on Mumsnet webchat to defend King Solomon baby-slicing storyline 2 CAC 5 years
Dawkins rejects claims new Dyson cleaner is result of 'intelligent design' 7 4ty2 5 years
God sent off during inter-deity match following 'Hand of God' incident 1 dicky37 5 years
Rupert Murdoch sues God for rights to sky 4 Coldstream 5 years