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Northern Powerhouse to be fuelled by floodwater 5 godly1966 3 years
Local lad Frank being given a hard time 1 Alexispn 3 years
Environment Agency head defends holiday - "I'm no bloody use wherever I am" 1 YaBasta 3 years
The Government is very sorry for not investing in flood protection 1 ionb 3 years
North flooded with southerners' taxes 3 Al OPecia 3 years
Shift in media coverage from UK rain to Ukraine blamed on E additives 1 The Last Detail 5 years
Government 'gone' 8 Al OPecia 5 years
"International Waters" demarcation line to be redrawn further inland says EU 2 Slante Dangle 5 years
NobNomination craze sweeps through Westminster 12 Squudge 5 years
Russian Cannibal Rats Ghost Ship spotted in Staines High Street 16 Squudge 5 years
Cameron shows solidarity with flooded householders 2 custard cream 5 years
Floods: Ex gang members flee country after fears of rivers being dredged. 1 carlosmanwelly 5 years
Beaches disappearing as sandbaggers shore up Surrey 3 marymole 5 years
Eric Pickles advises Somerset residents to Neknominate the flood waters. 4 custard cream 5 years
Nature Notes: New crater spotted in Somerset. 9 Squudge 5 years
PM to visit area affected by bad weather 1 thisisall1word 5 years
Environment Agency launches new 'Help to Sell' scheme. 13 Squudge 5 years
Cornish separatists celebrate as last link to mainland cut 1 johnnydobbo 5 years
God breaks promise as he prepares to flood the earth once more. 1 carlosmanwelly 5 years
Hose Pipe ban imminent says Ofwat boss! 1 2escapees 5 years
SOMERSET WETLANDS FLOODED - 'We can't move for them!' say distressed residents 1 Roj48 5 years
Lib Dem MP 'Storms, floods punishment from God for voting 'no' to AV' 4 Squudge 5 years
Environment Agency to issue 'Splash' guidebook 10 Kevin the Swan 5 years
Environment Agency to be abolished following failure to stop tide coming in 8 Oxbridge 5 years
Emergency water redistribution scheme uses urinals 2 pinxit 6 years
Clegg wows Lib Dems with Ashdown project for paddy fields 12 7 years
North of Britain puts faith in mystical “fire orb” in sky to combat the flood 1 confuzzled 7 years
Over 40 people rescued from caravan holiday in Wales 6 Ironduke 7 years
Apologies , sub withdrawn 12 spreademarge 8 years
BBC editors desperate to maintain interest in Pakistan invent cricket scandal 1 la maga 9 years