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Shift in media coverage from UK rain to Ukraine blamed on E additives 1 The Last Detail 9 months
Government 'gone' 8 Al OPecia 9 months
"International Waters" demarcation line to be redrawn further inland says EU 2 Slante Dangle 10 months
NobNomination craze sweeps through Westminster 12 Squudge 10 months
Russian Cannibal Rats Ghost Ship spotted in Staines High Street 16 Squudge 10 months
Cameron shows solidarity with flooded householders 2 custard cream 10 months
Floods: Ex gang members flee country after fears of rivers being dredged. 1 carlosmanwelly 10 months
Beaches disappearing as sandbaggers shore up Surrey 3 marymole 10 months
Eric Pickles advises Somerset residents to Neknominate the flood waters. 4 custard cream 10 months
Nature Notes: New crater spotted in Somerset. 9 Squudge 10 months
PM to visit area affected by bad weather 1 thisisall1word 10 months
Environment Agency launches new 'Help to Sell' scheme. 13 Squudge 10 months
Cornish separatists celebrate as last link to mainland cut 1 johnnydobbo 10 months
God breaks promise as he prepares to flood the earth once more. 1 carlosmanwelly 10 months
Hose Pipe ban imminent says Ofwat boss! 1 2escapees 10 months
SOMERSET WETLANDS FLOODED - 'We can't move for them!' say distressed residents 1 Roj48 10 months
Lib Dem MP 'Storms, floods punishment from God for voting 'no' to AV' 4 Squudge 10 months
Environment Agency to issue 'Splash' guidebook 10 Kevin the Swan 11 months
Environment Agency to be abolished following failure to stop tide coming in 8 Oxbridge 11 months
Emergency water redistribution scheme uses urinals 2 pinxit 2 years
Clegg wows Lib Dems with Ashdown project for paddy fields 12 2 years
North of Britain puts faith in mystical “fire orb” in sky to combat the flood 1 confuzzled 2 years
Over 40 people rescued from caravan holiday in Wales 6 Ironduke 2 years
Apologies , sub withdrawn 12 spreademarge 3 years
BBC editors desperate to maintain interest in Pakistan invent cricket scandal 1 la maga 4 years
Pakistan Nukes Australia - Blames Failure of Aussies to Vote in Greens 1 MatthewT 4 years
'Giant weetabix' will mop up Pakistan's flood waters and provide nourishment 1 dicky37 4 years
London customer converses with newsagent after 14 years of buying milk 6 dacology 4 years