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Watch out! There's a Sharpehunter about 29 Mr Target 3 years
Pope announces that one Facebook "share" is now worth only nine prays. 2 Crayon 5 years
Cambridge Couple accidently trial new Facebook privacy setting 2 farmer giles 5 years
Internet to be reset 1 wirralmatt 6 years
UK 'Revenge Porn' Threat if Scotland walks 7 AReader 6 years
90% of Time on Facebook Now Spent Tightening Privacy Settings 1 Peter749400 6 years
Teens baffled over Robin Williams gender confusion 1 Lang 6 years
Gene Simmons posts "No Make-Up Selfie" in for breast cancer awareness 1 Grover 6 years
First Facebook murder claims 'utter bell-end' who went on and on about Syria 7 editor 6 years
David Cameron Completes Necknomination 1 james_doc 6 years
God's new religion 3 aksakal 7 years
Facebook man feels ‘cheated’ as his ‘like’ doesn’t save child from cancer death. 18 brianflan 7 years
Facebook friends hail “Victory for common sense” as North Korea backs down. 1 BillyBitzer 7 years
Britain 'relieved' as China turns out to be equally moronic 1 Oxbridge 7 years
Facebook’s Big Bang 1 Andy Heath 8 years
New Facebook glasses mean you never have to see a real person again 3 writinginbsl 8 years
Mark Zuckerberg unfriends himself on Facebook 1 mongeese 9 years
Devon man discovers that he is "Tinkerbell" on new Facebook quiz. 1 nannyknowsbest 9 years
Voting Referendum to be replaced by "Like" or "Dislike" button on Facebook 2 Danny 9 years
Facebook to introduce 'Sympathize with the victims of this tragedy' button 1 Grover 9 years
40 years on, schoolboy visionary is recognised 13 Haz 9 years
Pope duped by online pontiffile 1 Ludicity 9 years
Facebook Conquers Child Abuse 5 Golgo13 9 years
Tom Still Waiting for Myspace Film 6 Grover 9 years
Public sector embraces Facebook places 1 dotdash 10 years
New Social Network Changing Way People... Haven't We Already Got This?! 4 Pabst Blue Ribbon 10 years
David Cameron would like to be your friend, benifit scroungers. 1 dacology 10 years
Clegg 40% less fanciable than three months ago 5 Zadok the second 10 years
Facebook's "500 Million" Mostly Spam Bots 2 4ty2 10 years
Budget leaks, "LOL tax will raise billions" predicts Osborne. 1 The Return of DroleNoel 10 years