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Cameron Threatens Europe 5 Prime Mover 4 years
Swarm of migrants “destroying” Greek holiday island 1 Ivan_Edwards 4 years
E.U. Negotiations to Start 'Making Your Mind Up' 1 Booker Prize Winner 5 years
'Peppa Pig EU propaganda' Farrage opens truth flaps again 7 Skylarking 5 years
Germany denies invasion of Greece imminent 1 PaulHorrox2 5 years
UKIP vows to repeal Child Labour laws 6 bobski 5 years
EU ruling on talking machines 2 I Never Said That 5 years
Under Cameron's anti-EU immigrant worker plans... 1 ionb 5 years
No-one speaks English at Frankfurt's Traditional Birmingham Christmas Market 2 Ted King 5 years
A triumphant Chancellor Osborne flies home after decisive victory in Europe 12 pinxit 5 years
Cameron says UK economy not doing so well now 1 ionb 5 years
A Bill Too Far 2 Sinnick 5 years
Cameron slams Euro diseases 1 monkeyrepublic 5 years
England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to hold referendums on leaving the UK. 1 rgk 5 years
UKIP and Judean People's Front to for coalition against EU 2 riesler 5 years
Britain to leave the EU says Cameron 1 ionb 5 years
Multiple small right-wing parties ‘could split fruitcake vote’ 7 Wrenfoe 6 years
EU to Leave EU 3 Ironduke 6 years
Independant Scotland to adopt the Cowrie Shell. More soon. 1 Al OPecia 6 years
Cigarettes to taste like Big Daddy's Nappy says Brussels 1 Rusty M 6 years
Subsidised patches to wean bees off neonicotinoids 18 Gerontius 7 years
"Bee Strong" helpline established following neonicotinoid ban 2 monkeyrepublic 7 years
'Kings in castles' Tories admit 1,000 year old manifesto 1 andygibbard 7 years
Exclusive: Salmond reveals super secret, invisible source of legal advice on Sco 3 Chubbington 7 years
UK loses Eurovision, "somebody else's fault" says Cameron 1 ionb 8 years
Duracell profit warning after EU battery hen ban. 2 Username 8 years
North Korea to join EU next year 3 dvo4fun 8 years
Government require all "Newborns" to be "declared" as 16 on Birth Certificate. 1 nannyknowsbest 9 years
Hosepipe Ban opposed by Fireman's Union 1 nannyknowsbest 9 years
Cliffs of Dover to be repainted 2 Ostsee 10 years