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'Countdown' presenter 'killed by Nick Robinson' 1 MightyBlair 7 years
Fears grow of Clegg assassination attempt by the Tory Right 1 Gary Stanton 8 years
Voting to be vetoed 1 MightyBlair 8 years
Struggling farmers welcome bumper crop of 'Vote Conservative' placards. 3 dominic_mcg 8 years
Poll reveals majority of voters want hung parliament 1 TerribleTim 8 years
Heads roll at BBC after Lib Dem 'Erection surge' cock-up. 1 MightyBlair 8 years
Voter "They are all so nice" 1 rscott303 8 years
OAP Gordon Brown changes name to Gordon Brown in futile show of support for PM 1 Stan 8 years
Prof. Brian Cox called to explain ’glowing thing in the sky’. 3 Mary Evans 8 years
Impressionists unimpressed. 1 MightyBlair 8 years
Ask knot what your country can do for you 13 sauce 8 years
Tory Manifesto Aspiration: Everyone will be entiteld to claim they went to Eton 1 thisisall1word 8 years
After Reading Manifesto, UK Apologises to Brown For Ever Doubting Him 1 thisisall1word 8 years
Tory Manifesto Shortened to be Tweetable 1 thisisall1word 8 years
Conservatives introduce scrappage scheme for governments over 10 years old. 2 MADJEZ 8 years
Make your own election poster 6 Dickens or Shakespeare 8 years
Royal Mail to change livery during election campaign 1 Mrblacker 8 years
Electorate can use ‘reasonable force’ to defend against political candidates 7 malgor 8 years
Daily Mail strategy backfires - 45% of Tory voters now afraid to leave house 5 edward hack 8 years
Tory Efficiency Details Revealed: Savage Cuts Planned to Whitehall 8 thisisall1word 8 years
RSPCA called in to deal with political beast 1 Mrblacker 8 years
Tory outrage at BNP threat to single young mums. 1 TerribleTim 8 years
David Cameron targets the family for election success 1 TerribleTim 8 years
Nick Clegg becomes heroin addict in last-ditch bid for media attention 5 nealdoran 8 years
Hung parliament? Best thing for 'em, say electorate 3 sauce 8 years
Election leadership debates to follow rules of Just a Minute 5 Ludicity 8 years