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David Cameron washing his hair on night of TV debate 1 Ivan_Edwards 2 weeks
'Creative and exciting policies' announced by Green Party's Natalie Bennett 3 FlashArry 4 weeks
God, Allah and Jehovah struggle to agree on live TV debate format 15 Al OPecia 2 months
Pro-Independence Scotts devastated as they vote 'No' to Atlantic Salmon. 1 Much_Ado 6 months
UKIP appoints BBC as media advisor and publicity agents 1 2escapees 10 months
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the polling booth 22 Squudge 10 months
"Oh God," shudders Miliband. "There's an election next year." 1 bpperry 10 months
Labour lose control of Paul Merton, Tory's hold Ashford & Simpson 3 virtuallywill 10 months
Lib Dems take Bath 1 virtuallywill 10 months
Miliband casts doubt on election chances 1 Andy Gilder 1 year
'Lord Prescott is not my father,' claims Labour candidate 1 medici2471 1 year
Wrong spot... 1 medici2471 1 year
Clegg announces preferred coalition partner for next hung Parliament 3 Al OPecia 1 year
Milliband stuns critics by announcing no policies until after the election. 1 2escapees 1 year
Incense at Vatican over sighting of new chimney 2 Tripod 2 years
US election mainly about bum sex 9 AReader 2 years
Ryan to consider the truth 1 Tired and Emotional 2 years
Romney and Mormonism laid bare by profound cat singing new version of anthem 1 2 years
Lib-Dems dream of Parelection gold 4 Squudge 2 years
Mitt Romney Baffled by Politics 2 antharrison 2 years
American election still basically about bum sex 6 Oxbridge 2 years
London voters turn to 1 Boutros 3 years
Ken Livingstone: "I didn't vote in the last series of X Factor" 1 mpaterson 3 years
John McCain attempt to kill Sarah Palin in Church stopped 5 samnzed 3 years
RSPCA calls for greater protection Lib Dem councillors 3 Mrblacker 3 years
Public invited to 'vote for laws they want scrapped' reveals unelected deputy PM 1 dicky37 4 years
BBC Writersroom: Five days in May 3 antharrison 4 years
Twat of the week... 23 edward hack 4 years
'New Politics' begins with Civil partnership. 1 MightyBlair 4 years
Cameron gives his children a puppy named Nick 1 Peter 4 years