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NB- End anonymous tagging now 8 Zadok the second 8 years
Hungry Imam modifies stance against ham 4 be reasonable 8 years
Hello 15 Scroat 8 years
Emblem for Queen's Diamond Jubilee (if she doesn't die before then) revealed - 2 37 ゴルゴ13 8 years
West Yorkshire Police admit blunder over Aldi's sale of 1500 Stollen Cakes 2 Sinnick 8 years
'Couple of pints' with Kim Jong-il ends badly for local bell-end 10 ゴルゴ13 8 years
Tube driver union Aslef "to torture puppies" during royal wedding 4 DiY 8 years
Visit to Nan 'needs clear exit strategy, measurable objectives' says wife 16 4ty2 8 years
Local council hails 'Posh Booze Empties' recycling scheme 6 ronseal 8 years
RIKKOR 27 The All New Jeni B 8 years
Britain's high-altitude pubs braced for influx of winter lock-in hopefuls 8 ramblesnake 8 years
General agreement that Tom Daley's 'World No.1' tag 'a bit misleading' 14 riesler 8 years
Hollywood goes too far with 'Meet the Focking-Conts' 13 Dexter 8 years
Maintaining Santa pretence 'harder each year' admit Somerset 9-year-olds 12 De-scribe 8 years
Hounslow man sees trampoline gift for kids as sound investment 13 Tristan Shout 8 years
Mark Williams announces retirement from 'stupid, boring snooker' 3 IABP 8 years
Julian Assange to appear on 'a very special' Noel's House Party Christmas Gotcha 8 IABP 8 years
Jedward ask if incest taboo applies to same-sex siblings. Hypothetically. 4 ゴルゴ13 8 years
Survey shows UK businessmen get '50% more British' when in the US 3 ゴルゴ13 8 years
You becoming 'suspicious' of world-wide conspiracy against you 29 pinxit 8 years
20% of studies condradict each other, reveals new study 4 FormerlyAlOPecia 8 years
Mile-High Club to open door to 'Do-It-Yourselfers' 26 Mr.3374 8 years
Korean tension eased by singing, dancing T-Mobile flash mob 18 IABP 8 years
Fire Extinguisher throws student off of building in revenge attack 7 IABP 8 years
Tempura's flare as Koreans shell Chinese Restaurants 1 finneyp 8 years
Somali pirates overwhelmed by 25,000 applicants as Royal Wedding date set 1 ゴルゴ13 8 years
Somali pirate Cap'n overwhelmed by 7,500 applicants for 2 vacancies 9 ゴルゴ13 8 years
Sad, sad, sad. 29 Doylem 8 years
OMG my first FP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Sooooooooooooo like excited!!! 6 shitsu_tonka 8 years
'Joy Division week' on X-Factor leaves field wide open 11 ゴルゴ13 8 years