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One armed traveller applauds the kindess of strangers. 3 thackaray 5 years
Mayan "Long Count" Calendar 1 rikkor 5 years
Tiger Woods: "No Really, I am sorry" 6 rikkor 5 years
Elton John "Straight and a bit dim": Pope 1 John Square 5 years
Fatties told to suck it and see. 1 wallster 5 years
J'Accuse (myself)! Starting to like NB Nouveau. 1 rikkor 5 years
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be 5 malgor 5 years
Go to Gravatar site to add profile picture to NB. 1 rikkor 5 years
How do I add a picture to my profile? 5 rikkor 5 years
Fists of Fury 11 Nice Admin Lady 5 years
I bet this was designed by a woman 7 rikkor 5 years
Mr Hack! Where have you been? 9 rikkor 5 years
Hello everyone! I got in! 6 PluckyMunky 5 years
Mr Hack! Where have you been? 1 PluckyMunky 5 years
Oooohh! Ooohhh!! 5 The All New Jeni B 5 years
Noel Gallagher apologises for behaviour at Brit Awards ceremony 1 Scroat 5 years
Energy saving light bulbs blamed for increase in dark humour postings on NB. 2 malgor 5 years
McQueen back in closet 1 Scroat 5 years
Fashionistas leave McQueen hanging in wardrobe as ultimate tribute. 1 andhrimnir 5 years
Currency exchange bureaux eat your hearts out - we have a £ sign! 18 malgor 5 years
Olympicbiscuit 8 the coarse whisperer 5 years
The austerities of Lent... 3 rikkor 5 years
hmmmm..... 4 The All New Jeni B 5 years
Newly single man regrets Valentine's Day kebab proposal 3 jp1885 5 years
Finally made it... 2 Jammydodgers 5 years
Preview feature when submitting posts? 1 malgor 5 years
What about adding a private chat function? 2 Scroat 5 years
My 10,000 junk emails 1 Scroat 5 years
Vernon Kay dropped as captain of English light entertainment team 1 jp1885 5 years
Moshtarak offensive, say civilians 1 jp1885 5 years