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The Labour Party - 23121314 395 Al OPecia 50 minutes
Al-Qaeda Introduces On-Line Booking System For Suicide Bombers 2 6Illuminati9 4 months
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UKIP's shock success 2 Al OPecia 1 year
PM to bolster UK troop numbers in Afghanistan with 'Forces of Hell' deployment 2 Al OPecia 2 years
Angry UK solar panel owners count the cost of partial eclipse 3 Squudge 2 years
I'll 'ave a 'arf - Help! 17 The All New Jeni B 2 years
Contributor fails to think of anything funny to break in new forum 6 The All New Jeni B 2 years
New Year's dishonours list to acknowledge 'worst and most annoying' of society 17 Gerontius 3 years
Tiger Woods wins Ronseal Sponsorship.... 2 InisEanna 3 years
Flightless birds 'wasting everyone's time' 4 nickb 3 years
South London racist reports "pub choice nightmare" in Union Jack bunting mayhem 3 Yikes 3 years
Oxford English Dictionary redefines the word Solution 10 Scroat 3 years
British Athlete facing life-time ban for using Heathrow travelator 15 Golgo13 3 years
Maths Doc invents bullshit formula for getting bullshit formulas into the news 12 Stan 3 years
Cameron stops daughter from listening to Lily Allen 2 ronseal 3 years
GMT rethink - 'Octuple Summer Time' urged for UK’s health 12 Al OPecia 4 years
Someone asked about tags in a sub. 1 rikkor 4 years
Man pisses disinfectant toilet block 360 degrees in single urination 30 charlies_hat 4 years
Cheapskate e-book lit fans hail 70th anniversary of F. Scott Fitzgerald's death 8 Golgo13 4 years
World looks on in awe as “Large Hardon Collider” is finally turned on. - 2 32 The All New Jeni B 4 years
No joke>> anti-rape knob joke 11 Ironduke 4 years
Severely drunk community demand rights, extra chili sauce no salad 14 rikkor 4 years
NB- End anonymous tagging now 8 Zadok the second 4 years
Hungry Imam modifies stance against ham 4 be reasonable 4 years
Hello 15 Scroat 4 years
Emblem for Queen's Diamond Jubilee (if she doesn't die before then) revealed - 2 37 Golgo13 4 years
West Yorkshire Police admit blunder over Aldi's sale of 1500 Stollen Cakes 2 Sinnick 4 years
'Couple of pints' with Kim Jong-il ends badly for local bell-end 10 Golgo13 4 years
Tube driver union Aslef "to torture puppies" during royal wedding 4 DiY 4 years