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Kyle sensation as woman claims she once had full set of straight teeth 1 GingerClive 1 year
Move on, nothing to see here 3 nickb 1 year
Christmas Cocaine sales up 70% thanks to 'Nigella Effect' 5 Golgo13 1 year
British Youths “Not on Enough Drugs” 2 Wrenfoe 1 year
British Youths “Not on Enough Drugs” 7 weematt 1 year
Black smoke billowing from Vatican actually coming from Benedict's 'bong room' 1 Scoby Watson 2 years
Armstrong Admits Taking Life Enhancing Drugs to Prevent Cancer 4 Yikes 2 years
LOCOG confirms crackdown on Olympic Brand-Breakers 1 Mrblacker 2 years
Olympic hopeful Mr Strong tests positive for anabolic steroids 1 Print Squirrel 3 years
World-record-Breaking Neutrino Fails Drug Test 1 tvhack 3 years
Train Company Fails Performance Enhancing Drugs Test 1 thisisall1word 3 years
Chris Morris and David Amess spotted together at Cake Festival 1 Christopher Frost 3 years
PCP addiction 'preferable' to P2P addiction, says record label boss 1 Christopher Frost 3 years
Drug committee wants all drugs legalised after massive drugs binge 22 Al OPecia 3 years
Prince William reports sexlife down 90% 1 Joshua Cerri 3 years
Jaws shark checks into rehab 4 dogwheels 4 years
Nigeria takes Gold in "Freestyle Controversy Medley" at Commonwealth Games 1 flyerblade 4 years
George Michael not arrested after ‘near perfect’ drive home 1 Cook 4 years
Drugs debate re-opened as Tories re-classify cannabis as 'Working Class' 1 dicky37 4 years
Happy Families Author Ahlberg criticized over new book “Mr. Coke the Drug Baron” 1 Gary Baldy 4 years
John Terry's dad attacks 'wimp' of a son 4 MADJEZ 4 years
Moves to make 'Meow, meow' more dangerous completed. 1 bigyeti 4 years
Anyone who feeds Roses Mephedrone deserves everything they get, says Titchmarsh 1 StoopyDeGunt 5 years
Man (48) who admits he didn't have a drug-fuelled adolescence still hallucinates 2 Scroat 5 years