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Cameron denies fixing allegations in Coalition's Got Talent 4 doggone 2 years
Drug committee wants all drugs legalised after massive drugs binge 22 Al OPecia 2 years
'Carry on Coalition' breaks all box office records 8 Oxbridge 2 years
'Moon On A Stick, My Arse!' Says Martin Shuttlecock 1 Martin Shuttlecock 3 years
David Cameron facing backlash over failure to ignore Libyan ceasefire 1 SingingHinny 3 years
Nick Clegg to play with tiny steering wheel during Prime Minister’s Questions 10 Stan Laurel 3 years
Downing Street cat faces calls to resign following mouse hacking scandal 1 Ludicity 3 years
Cameron to tackle rubbish crisis by tactical deployment of Wombles 1 Ludicity 3 years
Fury as someone who isn't good at something on TV gets to carry on doing it 4 Basil_B 3 years
Government raises threat level to 'Severe' after days get shorter 1 dogwheels 3 years
Baby Hunt by Government Minister James (Adult Content) 2 be reasonable 3 years
David Cameron wants the UK electorate to pull themselves together 6 Griffin 3 years
Cameron teaches bosses to mind own business 1 Kazytc 3 years
Yes! Yes! Yes! Minister it's Erotica 2010 (Adult Content) 1 Kazytc 3 years
Cameron 'might not have a job to come back to' after paternity leave 1 jp1885 3 years
Nick Clegg to wet nurse Cameron baby 1 Ludicity 3 years
Supply leader Nick Clegg fails to keep control as entire nation starts humming 16 antharrison 3 years
Cameron thrown out of special relationship for 'Don't ask don't tell' breach 1 Jay2theKay 3 years
Effigy makers welcome Cameron's Pakistan comments 2 Sharpehunter 3 years
'Big Society' latest: Cameron volunteers to wipe his own arse 7 Golgo13 3 years
Cameron to re-launch Big Country 3 Oxbridge 3 years
England football team enter into historic coalition with Germany 5 Ludicity 3 years
Cameron To Re-Introduce Workhouses For The Poor 3 Svendo 3 years
Pope denounces same sex coalition as ‘an abomination’ 9 Scroat 3 years
UK cities hail Cameron's triple-barrel name idea 3 Scroat 3 years
Nick Clegg 'delighted' with new fagging portfolio 9 Ludicity 3 years
Britain gets first white upper-class Prime Minister 18 Skylarking 3 years
Coalition cabinet split over tea and biscuits 5 gjp 3 years
Gordon Brown Forgets To Clear No 10's Browser History 11 Quaz 3 years
David Cameron has Nick Clegg's head surgically grafted 2 Zadok the second 3 years