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Pupils to Study Maths, English and Needlework Until Aged Sixty, Says Cameron 1 throngsman 1 year
Govesworth he sa, mak state skools like st custards chiz 2 andyiong 1 year
David Cameron Completes Necknomination 1 james_doc 1 year
Cameron furious over prisoners voting for Sam Bailey in X Factor final 3 D 1 year
David Cameron denies he is Richard Nixon. 2 miked10270 1 year
Cameron hopes plunging families into poverty will create world class footballers 2 Jesse Bigg 1 year
Brave Dave hires Cowell in election shake-up 18 Oxbridge 1 year
Clegg announces preferred coalition partner for next hung Parliament 3 Al OPecia 1 year
Brave Dave hires Cowell in election shake-up 3 KateWritesStuff 1 year
Obsessed One Direction Fan Threatens to 'Invade Syria' 1 captainthomas 1 year
George's star sparks new interest in naming astronomical bodies 11 Squudge 2 years
Cameron credits Murray win to Coalition Government 2 Mr Target 2 years
British Youths “Not on Enough Drugs” 2 Wrenfoe 2 years
British Youths “Not on Enough Drugs” 7 weematt 2 years
Man signs e-petition for something, feels much better 12 Username 2 years
Cameron a "poor example", says Suarez 1 johnnydobbo 2 years
Conservatives announce 'taxpayers to pay for Baroness Thatcher's funeral'. 1 WatcherMark 2 years
Fluffy bunnies unexpected victims of the Bedroom Tax 6 godly1966 2 years
David Cameron ‘is black’ shock 1 Thewoodenleg 2 years
Market Trader: 'I could get by on £10k a Week if I had to' 1 Alfred Noakes 2 years
David Cameron says "Vote for UKIP and get Labour" 1 Flash! Aa-aaaa! 2 years
Cameron and "that report" by Lord Leveson 1 Flash! Aa-aaaa! 2 years
Tax credits and benefits to be 'stamped out' - breaking news - 2 34 BleepingTom 2 years
Is a Fiscal Cliff dangerous? 1 News X.X.I.V 2 years
Heythropgate Continues as Fox-Witness Questioned 5 HugoDestrange 2 years
EU Budget stance 'inspired by SuperScrimpers', admits Cameron 2 Squudge 2 years
Cameron's latest prison policy lacks conviction 2 Squudge 2 years
PM to replace entire Cabinet with Team GB gold medal winners 3 dvo4fun 3 years
Cameron Makes Another U-Turn 1 Reg Herring 3 years
Mensch Smiles Better As Batman Pussy 1 Reg Herring 3 years