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As Election Approaches Cameron Seeks To Bolster Rights For Squatters 1 One Man And His Laptop 12 hours
Inspired By The Nigerian President, David Cameron To Be Rebranded: “Tough Luck Dave” 1 One Man And His Laptop 2 days
Pope and Clarkson quit on same day during Top Gear Easter Special 4 Squudge 1 week
Rocketing private school prices spark fears of elitism 4 Gerontius 1 week
David Cameron washing his hair on night of TV debate 1 Ivan_Edwards 3 weeks
Cayman Islands don't actually exist 1 Ivan_Edwards 1 month
Broadcasters agree to air special General Election edition of 'Fifteen to One'. 6 Crayon 1 month
Cameron: It wasn't the Queen purring, I'd accidentally called a sex line 1 Lang 6 months
David Cameron to thank Scotland with 'shopping vouchers and other goodies'. 1 WatcherMark 6 months
Pro-Independence Scotts devastated as they vote 'No' to Atlantic Salmon. 1 Much_Ado 6 months
English Engineers to Visit Panama 1 wirralmatt 6 months
Government restoring Eastbourne Pier to conserve south coast mediocrity 1 marymole 8 months
World Cup style TV screens to stream C.C.T.V. in British town centres 5 The Last Detail 8 months
Government raids round up Green Blob 3 marymole 8 months
Carry on Reshuffling set to be summer smash hit 7 beckfordburger 8 months
Fears that Savile may have been advisor to Cameron 8 Squudge 9 months
"I've had a simply wonderful safari," guffaws Cameron. 2 andyiong 10 months
World's Biggest White Goods Scandal Uncovered 2 Titus 10 months
Babies to be fined for crying in public places 1 SirCleft 11 months
Cameron caught off guard as things go quite well for a fortnight 1 Schoolboy 11 months
Cold war fears grow as Scotland annexes Isle of Wight 3 Titus 1 year
Coalition Olympic legacy 'not as memorable as Putin's' 8 Squudge 1 year
Pupils to Study Maths, English and Needlework Until Aged Sixty, Says Cameron 1 throngsman 1 year
Govesworth he sa, mak state skools like st custards chiz 2 andyiong 1 year
David Cameron Completes Necknomination 1 james_doc 1 year
Cameron furious over prisoners voting for Sam Bailey in X Factor final 3 D 1 year
David Cameron denies he is Richard Nixon. 2 miked10270 1 year
Cameron hopes plunging families into poverty will create world class footballers 2 Jesse Bigg 1 year
Brave Dave hires Cowell in election shake-up 18 Oxbridge 1 year
Clegg announces preferred coalition partner for next hung Parliament 3 Al OPecia 1 year