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Scientists prove that Father Christmas exists! 1 hardev 2 years
‘True Meaning Of Christmas Forgotten’ Complain Pagans 8 iambiscuit 2 years
Job vacancy, short term Christmas contract. 2 Sinnick 2 years
Santa disappointment as Ventnor pensioner becomes Korean leader 2 Immunis 2 years
Hairdresser prepares Christmas dinner with all the trimmings 5 Username 2 years
Higgs boson seen next Tuesday 5 medici2471 2 years
Eric Pickles ‘is nuts’... about Christmas 1 Aberdeen Correspondent 2 years
Adele to deliver Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 1 Mrblacker 2 years
Outsourced Santa transforms Occupy Bristol camp into Christmas Market sensation 1 Squib 2 years
Tories announce Christmas tax 1 kga6 2 years
Clergy outraged as all references to ‘Christmas’ removed from explicit sex film 2 Vertically Challenged Giant 2 years
World Record Brussel Sprouts Demand on Christmas Day May Cause World Shortage 1 Plantarian 2 years
Swindon boy 'still playing with the box it came in' 4 brownpaperreporter 3 years
Drummers set to strike as government cut 12 days of Christmas to 11. 1 TerribleTim 3 years
Stock journalist words look forward to Christmas break 1 MC One R 3 years
Government to spend hundreds of millions on snowploughs "to jinx it" 6 IABP 3 years
December 25th 'isn't the Sun's real birthday', claims dissident theologian 1 Oxbridge 3 years
Jesus: "Fuck frankincense and myrrh! I've started an Amazon Wishlist." 5 Doylem 3 years
Selfridges Beats Rivals and Opens for Christmas 2011 4 malgor 3 years
Official body says you can now start saying ‘twixt’ 1 Bravenewmalden 3 years
Dobbin the elf set to tell all in new North Pole expose 7 dogwheels 3 years
Cowell becomes god, and replaces Christian relic with: X-FACTOR-MAS 1 wolfie 3 years
Stock levels of cheap shit in temporary shops reach new record 1 MC One R 3 years